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Bathrooms are spaces that are used everyday. Much of the time they are used practically without a thought for the aesthetics in their design. The first know use of bathrooms dates back to 3000 B.C.  At this time bathrooms and in particular baths were seen as purifying the body and soul. They were commonly used by people before they entered a sacred place. These days bathrooms usually consist of a shower, bath, sink and toilet and their designs are quickly becoming small works of art. This is particularly true of the designs of baths. There are a myriad materials that are being used to make modern baths. In the recent past, they were seen as purely practical, but a recent revival has found a treasure of new and exciting designs and materials. A bath is a wonderful way to turn a practical bathroom into a beautiful design. Take a look at these 7 new bath designs.

Magnificent Bath

Drummonds Case Study: Loz Feliz Retreat, California Drummonds Bathrooms BathroomBathtubs & showers
Drummonds Bathrooms

Drummonds Case Study: Loz Feliz Retreat, California

Drummonds Bathrooms

The bathroom is where you start your day and where you unwind after a long day. It is often one of the only rooms where you are not hampered by electronic media devices. For this reason it is often seen as a peaceful retreat. Why not create a luxurious and unique retreat to make your own. This bathroom is a wonderful example of how to make a bathroom to envy. This huge bathroom has the bath as the centre and focus. It is a beautiful example of a traditional free standing claw foot bath. Its black and white colouring complements the black and white theme room. Imagine lazy summers days taking a bath in this amazing bathroom, the breeze floating through the open windows, gazing out onto the terrace beyond. Traditional claw foot baths have seen a dramatic resurgence of popularity in recent times. Don’t be afraid to choose one in a variety of colour combinations.

The Minimalist Bath

The minimalist bathroom is often identified through smooth, continuous surfaces, bold fixtures and lack of detail and clutter. The fixtures are modern and simple, unfettered by details and decorations. The colourings are chosen from a natural palate of neutral browns, whites, beiges and greys. This Japanese bathroom represents this very well. The bath is a stark, bold element in the room. Placed in the centre of the room, it creates a focus in the room. It’s design is inspired by the natural theme of flowing water. This complements the stone hues in the floor and wall tiles. The large window at the end of the room connects the bath to the outside natural environment. This bath certainly a retreat for the spirit, allowing complete serenity and peace. This amazing bath is made by Fonte Trading in Japan. For more amazing minimalist designs, see here.

Stone Bathtub

Natural Stone Bathtub homify BathroomBathtubs & showers Stone

Natural Stone Bathtub


The bathtub is often linked with nature and spirituality. The earliest baths were used to cleanse the body and  spirit in preparation for entering a sacred place. What better way to connect with nature and spirituality than to bathe in a bath made completely by nature. This is what you can have with a stone bath. This stone bath, made by Lux4home in Indonesia makes these amazing all natural stone baths. The baths are made from natural river stone. This bath is made from a single stone, the exterior is cut and remains close to it’s natural state. The inside is meticulously carved and polished to create a smooth, natural stone finish. The natural stone reveals a range of stunning colours and textures. What better way to end a long work day than to sink into a steamy hot bath made of completely natural stone.

Copper Bath

William Holland Copper Baths, William Holland William Holland BathroomBathtubs & showers
William Holland

William Holland Copper Baths

William Holland

Bathing in a natural bath tub is a great way to cleanse the soul as well as the body. Copper is another natural element that makes fantastic bathtubs. It comes in a variety of stunning warm tones. These tones can be further enhanced to achieve the exact colour required for any style. One of the main benefits of a copper bath over other baths is it’s environmental credentials. The element of copper has the ability to heat quickly and maintain water temperature for longer. In addition to this copper is known for it’s antibacterial qualities. This makes it an attractive option for bath manufacturing. This copper bath is a beautiful example. The natural copper tones of the bath complement the stone walls and floor of this bathroom. Taking a bath here is like stepping out into nature, surrounded by nature.

A Bath for a Small Room

Modern architectural designs often favour living spaces over functional rooms such as bathrooms. For this reason small bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular. These bathrooms are often designed without a bath, as they are seen as taking up too much space. But this is not always the case. Designed correctly a well chosen bath can take up a very small space in a bathroom. In some situations they can also take the form of the shower. This small bathroom shows how a bath can be included in a small bathroom design. This bathroom is a long narrow space. The bath, placed at the end of the room is the central focus point for the bathroom. It is a very compact bath, taking up very little space. Having a small bathroom should never be a restriction to having the bathroom you desire. This bathroom is a good example of how a well chosen elements can make a small bathroom a functional and attractive room. See here for more ideas for small bathrooms.

Double Slipper Nickel Bath

For decades bath designs consisted of white ceramic coated baths. These were generally built into the design of the bathroom. In more recent times there has been a renewed interest in older ways of bath manufacturing, not only the styles, but the materials. Plain white baths have made way for colonial claw foot baths, stone baths, copper baths and a new material, nickel. This is an example of a nickel bath presented in a traditional double slipper style. This nickel bath made by UK Architectural Antiques has been hand beaten and expertly shaped to create the unique finish. The stunning shiny surface reflects the surrounding elements of the bathroom. This is a wonderful way to present the bath as a focal point in a bathroom. Enter the bathroom and be tempted by the sight of this amazing bath. Image yourself sinking into a steamy hot therapeutic bathing experience. For more ideas on nickel or copper baths see here.

Rustic Bath

A day out in the countryside is a great way to get close to nature. Putting on some walking shoes, packing a picnic and walking to a beautiful look out for a picnic lunch. What better way to end a beautiful day in the great outdoors than with a steaming hot bath in the country house bathroom. This bathroom is exactly what the nature lover called for. It is a fantastic example of a rustic, retro bathroom. The freestanding claw foot bath brings a traditional feel to the bathroom. The colour and feature tiles behind the bath give it a retro buzz. The enormous bath is perfect to sink into after a long day walking. It is a perfect remedy for tired and sore muscles. Don’t be afraid to use bright colours in a bathroom. Contrast the colours with traditional styles for a unique finish.

A bath is often the feature item in a bathroom, as the room named after this item. Why not make a statement with a unique and original bath. It can not only be a functional item in the room, but also make a powerful design statement. When choosing a bath consider the size, style and design of the room. There are so many types, styles and materials to choose from. Try a different material such as copper or nickel, or a different colour to bring a different dimension to your bathroom design. For more ideas on bath and bathroom designs see here

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