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Many people only think of mirrors as a device to check their appearance as they walk out the door. However, mirrors have much more to offer than this. Mirrors are a great way to give an extra element of space and energy to a room. They can illuminate a dark corner, bringing elegance and drama, and create an illusion of space.  They can also be used as art pieces. Mirror walls are often used to create an added dimension of space to a small room. They can also be used to highlight an area or item in the house. There are so many types, designs and sizes, there is bound to be a mirror for every space. Don’t be afraid to use mirrors in any room. Mirrors can be used in not only bathrooms and bedrooms, but living spaces and kitchens. These 7 mirror designs will inspire you to use mirrors in any area of the house. 

Illuminated Mirors

The way we see ourselves can make a big impact on our lives. If we leave the house feeling good about ourselves this makes for a much better day than if we leave thinking negatively. One way to put ourselves is a better state of mind is to be confident about the way we look. When we get ready to leave the house in the morning, time is spend grooming in the bathroom mirror. Having a good mirror is important for this. This illuminated mirror produces a soft white light, making for a more accurate and complementary reflection of how we look. It is not only a functional element of this room, but a design element. This mirror complements the colour of the basins, standing out against the dark hues of the wall and bench tops. These mirrors are made by Lionidas in Germany to see more illuminated mirrors here.

Arabic Style Moroccan Mirror

Moroccan Hand Crafted Bone Inlay - Arabic Style Moroccan Bazaar Dressing roomMirrors
Moroccan Bazaar

Moroccan Hand Crafted Bone Inlay—Arabic Style

Moroccan Bazaar

A single mirror can have multiple uses in a room. It can serve functionally, as a mirror, as well as aesthetically as a design element and work of art. The enchanting look of Moroccan interior design is a captivating idea for your interior design. This mirror represents the Moroccan spirit well. It is a harmonious combination of colour, texture and design. The intricate detail in the frame is stunning. Capture the essence of Morocco by teaming this mirror with Morocco style features in a house. The Moroccan style is based on warm tones, sensuous lighting and intricate furniture. Match this detailed mirror with the earthy tones of the Moroccan sun rise; chocolate, aubergine and sage. Alternatively create an eclectic style by combining this mirror with a range of antique and modern styles in your design. Don’t be afraid to contrast styles and colours.

Mirrors as Art

Mirrors have long been used as material for art pieces. The reflective surfaces can create a plethora of opportunities for artists. What is more interesting is when the aesthetics of art meet the functionality of a mirror.  Art works can often serve as functioning mirrors in homes. This bathroom mirror is an example of this. This stunning mirror is a design focus in this room. It creates a theme for the room, as well as a mirror. Round mirror pieces seem to resemble bubbles of soap from the below basin. Each separate mirror being a bubble from which you look into. Unusual mirror designs work well in a bathroom as they serve as a focus and point of interest in the room. Look for unusual mirrors with a similar colour or style to the bathroom, or match a mirror with a theme from the bathroom.

Contemporary Mirrors

Mirrors placed in living areas are a great way to give the illusion of space and brighten an otherwise dark area. By placing a large mirror at the end of a long room, you can double the perceived area of the room. Although mirrors in living areas can be any shape and size to create an effect. These three oblong shaped mirrors are fantastic in creating a modern and dynamic feel. The three beautifully shaped mirrors work well together giving the illusion of movement. They create a great focus to the room. Place these mirrors in a modern minimalist room. Match them with modern or retro furniture.

Kitchen Mirrors

Feng Shui principles suggest that kitchen mirrors be placed behind the stove area to give the cook a view behind them. Just like mirrors placed in the living areas, mirrors place in the kitchen can give an impression of spaciousness in small kitchens. They can also bring light to a commonly dark area around the stove area. In this kitchen mirrored tiles are used behind the stove, in accordance to feng shui principles. They create a lighter and brighter area immediately.  Small kitchens are perfect spaces to use mirrors to increase the space and light. Don’t restrict them to the stove areas. Use mirrors as splashbacks around the sink area, and on walls usually restricted to tiles. For more ideas on how to use mirrors around you house see this house

Bedroom Mirrors

Mirrors are a fantastic addition to any interior décor. There are so many ways that they add to the atmosphere of a room. As well as bringing light and spaciousness into a room, they can bring style and mood. Many mirrors have elaborate decorations that go well beyond the borders of the mirror, making them works of art in themselves. This beautiful mirror is a fine example. Along the outside of the mirror green, bubble like fixtures create a beautiful border. This modern mirror would work well in a modern bedroom, or any room with a green theme. Combine this mirror with plants in a conservatory to create a completely different look. There are endless ways a single mirror can be used in any room of the house. Be brave and use them in unusual or surprising ways.

Reflective Mirrors

Mirrors are used in a myriad different ways inside and outside the house. They can be functional, aesthetical as a design or style motif, or as an intentional reflective surface. Mirrors are often used in houses in order to be able to see around corner, entrances, or into other rooms. Another way a mirror can be used is to reflect a specific item of beauty. In this image the mirror is being used to reflect the light onto the bathroom fittings. The effect creates stunning lines of light and dark across the bathroom tap fixtures. This is an incredibly creative way of using mirrors to create something spectacular. Think outside the circle when placing mirrors in a house. What will be reflected, how will this appear from different perspectives in the house.

Mirrors are a great way to bring an extra element of interest into a house. They can create the illusion of space, bring light and interest into a dark corner, reflect specific items in a house, or simply as an additional work of art. There are so many different types and styles of mirrors. There are formal mirrors, decorative mirrors and modern mirrors. There is bound to be a mirror that suits every room in the house. For more ideas on how to use mirrors in houses today see here.

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