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10 Bed Ideas You are Secretly Fascinated With

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As one of the private spaces in a home, a bedroom needs to be designed to provide a place where one can relax and refresh the mind, body and spirit. A bed is the most important part of the bedroom as it offers a sanctuary for resting. It needs to be cosy and warm, but that shouldn’t stop it from being stunning.

Moving away from conventional bed designs can bring new energy to your bedroom, making it an enjoyable space that you don’t want to leave. Homify has put together this ideabook to present some of the most out-of-the-ordinary bed designs that are fun and inspiring.

​1. A cosy cocoon with sliding doors

When you want to sleep, there’s no place more restful than a warm and enclosed space that isolates you, making you feel like you are in a cocoon. This bed recreates the same snug feeling when the doors slide shut.

2. Stylish lounger

With its sophisticated quilted headboard, this bed has the feel of a large straight-backed lounge chair. Comfortable bedding and pastel textiles pull together a serene ambiance that’s perfect for putting one’s feet up and relaxing.

3. Sleeping on a swing

The gentle swaying of a swing or the soothing rocking of a boat on the water is replicated in this unique pulley bed. It adds a fun element to the décor. In addition, it’s a space saving design as the bed can be lifted to the ceiling during the day to keep the passageway free.

4. Rustic platform bed

This design recreates the feeling of sleeping on a wooden platform in the midst of nature. The unpolished wood frame gives it a rustic appearance, while the addition of long-haired throw cushions as well as potted plants on the bedside shelves brings a jungle-like ambiance to the room.

5. Perfect loft bed

In a large loft, which has wood on the walls and the floor, a low bed with a wooden margin around the mattress adds to the warm and cosy setting. With the right lighting, it can turn into a charmingly romantic space.

6. Save-the-planet pallet bed

For those who love the earth and are concerned about protecting the environment, a bed made of recycled material such as wooden pallets is a perfect solution. It adds a youthful element to the design and is very modern.

7. Sweet dreams in a round bed

A round bed is always eye catching because it is unusual and adds romance to the decor. One thing’s for sure – you won’t have to worry about getting out of the wrong side of the bed every morning.

8. Work over sleep

In a small studio that needs a study or a work space, designing the desk on an elevated platform over the bed is a clever idea for managing the limitation of space. It’s a good design as long as you don’t have work overshadowing your thoughts while you are in bed.

9. Silken textures

Sometimes, even a regular bed can get a spectacular makeover by padding its base with rich or colourful fabric. In this room, the padding complements the silk wall covering to present a stunning image.

​10. Royal chamber

Who doesn’t like to feel like royalty in the bedroom?! While a four-poster bed adds a charming traditional element to a bedroom, you can recreate the classic style of a European palace by using silk and taffeta to cover the bed.

See this ideabook for some four poster bed designs.

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