Unique Home Design: 8 ways to decorate with a stone-wall effect

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When you want to renew your living room, bathroom, terrace or any room in your house—but you feel like not much can be done to change things? In this article we will show you how you can renew any area in your home by covering your walls in different shades of stone. You might like to go for the real thing, or you might prefer a less expensive route such as wallpaper, stickers or paint combined. There are so many possibilities so let your imagination do all the work. 

But first, take a look at these 8 great ideas that our interior designers have put together to make your house stand out!

1. Covered terrace

In this dining room which overlooks the terrace, the back wall really stands out and you wouldn't actually know it's wallpaper at all! If you want great quality then you should choose something that is durable, waterproof and resistant to UV rays so that you can enjoy it with confidence. 

2. Bathroom wall

This wall is another example of fantastic wallpaper. It is of course waterproof and in many ways more refreshing than stone. Easy to clean and it goes so well with the rest of the decor. 

For more ways to make your bathroom gorgeous, check these amazing bathroom designs out!

3. A bar space in the garden

With this stone wall design—the outdoors has really come to life. The easy to install stone has been implemented to complement the rest of the outdoor space. The result is a modern bar area in your very own back garden. 

4. Column wall

If you have a column in your office or home studio you can always make it stand out as a feature by using wallpaper that looks like stone. In this instance the style is consistent with the decor of the room and the painted vinyl picture is one that certainly catches the eye. 

5. A living room feature

If your living room is boring and has been the same for years, you might like to install a decorative wall which brings all the decorative elements together to create a a wonderful effect. The whole room is decorated in a blend of grounded colors with splashes of blue hues with the cushions. 

6. Kitchen back splash

Here we can widely recommend vinyl. Vinyl applications are more and more popular every day and can easily be applied to any wall. The back splash is durable, waterproof and easy to clean. You can choose from a range of innovative designs to suit the style of your kitchen. 

7. Wall that separates kitchen from dining area

The breakfast bar is a wonderful feature which separates the kitchen from the dining room and in this example the stone has been placed around the breakfast bar to style-up both rooms. It also acts as a visual divider. 

8. Stone curtain

In this image two spaces are divided with a curtain which is printed with a stone design and pattern. When hung from the ceiling, it acts as a curtain to divide space but also to block out the sunlight. That's a perfect solution to create private space in a flexible way without much effort. 

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