9 Low-cost ways to Beautify your Indian Apartment

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Slowly and gradually, there comes a time when your house stops living up to up your expectations. Although, this is a matter of deep concern, it can be fixed rather quickly and inexpensively. 

If you are on a budget and still want to add some fun to your house, here we have 9 amazing tricks for the beautification of your house.

​Throw Cushions

Scrunch cushion Loaf Scandinavian style living room Accessories & decoration

Throw cushions are the easiest and cheapest way to update your home’s décor. Although there are a lot of options available in the market, you can always go for a DIY project. Bring two old silk scarves together and sew it into a brand new cushion cover.

Be as playful as you want with colors and creativity, as a DIY brings a lot of opportunities for home décor. These throw pillows are a great way to add new aura into your apartment.

​Indoor Plants

Plants can add an instant sense of energy in any spot of the apartment. It takes almost nothing to add style with these fab pots and vases, as you can avail various modern options in the market.

This corner of the room looks much livelier with the monochrome flower vases holding small plants in it.

​Clear the bathroom clutter with a new cabinet

It’s not hidden how clutter can affect the aesthetic value of the house. So, if you don’t want to get embarrassed, make sure your dwelling is clutter free, especially the washroom area. Get rid of anything that you don’t often need by placing it in the cabinets. Even the tiniest corner can hold spacious cabinets, so, it’s a quick pick altogether.

​A statement mirror

In this bedroom, just a mirror has oozed the sense of luxury and sophistication. However, you can see it’s not just any mirror as the dimensions here are defined with ultra creativity. If you think it is going to pricey, there is still a room for DIY. So, go for it and try your creative side. We are sure something enchanting will come up.

​A neutral Color scheme

Any guesses, what the most beautiful interiors hold in common? It’s the right selection of colors for sure. Opt for a neutral color and see how it transforms your place beautifully. This sloppy and sophisticated room says it all without any chaos.

​Wall art

A good art, whether hanged on the wall or kept on the floor, always adds a charm to the house. Also, wall art doesn’t have to be expensive as there are multiple print options available. Either try your hands on collage or get your favorites images printed. Frame it according to your choice and see how it matches the décor of the house.

​A beautiful wallpaper mural

If you are not in favor of wall painting and photography, the wallpaper murals can be the right replacement. Wallpapers come in a variety of style and sizes and is always a suitable when you want to add some fun element in the house.

​Replace your kitchen cupboard doors

If it is about the adornment of your kitchen, try decorating the cupboard and cabinet doors. Consider refacing the doors with something fresh and sleek as it is a cheaper option in comparison to replacement. The designers of this kitchen did a great job with textured doors. 

​A mounted television

If you have a television in the room, you will be surprised to see how fabulous it can appear if mounted on the wall. A bracket to mount the television costs very little, but will surely improve the interior décor.

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