15 ideas to light up your exterior home (and that looks great!)

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Lights play an extremely important role to the architectural success of a house. Indoor or outdoor, big and better differences can be attained with the right selection of lights.

So, if you want to transform your outdoor space into something cozy, warm, and pleasurable, then browse through our 15 enchanting outdoor light options:

​Decorating the walls with stunning lights

Whether it’s the entrance of the house or the walls of terrace, a lovely lighting is always inevitable. Exceptionally decorating the exterior walls of the house, the sconces offer a modern and intimate touch to the space.

​Warm and Cozy

Sconces give a chance to redefine the environment the way you want. Here the designer went for illuminating lamps covered in metal frames. The light intention has been strengthened dramatically, making the terrace cozy and comfortable.

​Special Atmosphere

Use accent lights to create a special atmosphere in a particular area. A perfect example of the exquisiteness of accent lights is this entrance.

​Stress on the beauty of the garden

While you plan the lighting of your garden, the main focus should be on the vegetation it holds. Like if you have trees around, the light should completely focus on them, after all, they are the true asset of your garden. A phenomenal environment can be developed if the lighting goes well in a garden.

​Highlighting the details of materials

With the right usage of lights, the outside environment becomes more comfortable than you would have imagined. A heavenly example of such setting is this house. Whether it is the case stone wall or the paneled wall, equal emphasis has been given on all the elements of this outdoor sitting area.

Fun and Original Lamps

A sensation can be added to a space depending on what story you want to narrate through your house exterior. The pergola decoration with luminous sphere styles this garden immaculately.

​Enhancing the details

Chelsea Creek - copyright St George Plc Aralia Modern garden Iron/Steel Grey roof terrace,rooftop garden,roof garden,garden design,landscape architecture,landscape architect,landscape design,garden designer,architecture

Chelsea Creek—copyright St George Plc


Once again, the designers emphasized on focus on details. Every aspect of this stunning terrace has been highlighted with lights. Plants or the floor, the lanterns around add divine magnetism to the space.

​Access home

A simple yet flawless approach has been taken here to illuminate the entrance of the house. Among the many styles and designs of lighting, you can always go for LED lights or the recessed lights.


Not just for the aesthetic value, but even for safety, the stairs need to have proper lights to guide your steps. Either go for general lighting or score each step with recessed lights. A grand inspiration can be taken from this stair decoration.

​Hidden Lights

Contemporary Garden Design Balham homify Modern garden

Contemporary Garden Design Balham


Recessed lighting is the best when you want the source to be hidden. Highlight the space details or place at the foot of the floor, it always brings ample lighting with it.

​Diversity Lights

Combined lighting is the key here to reflect the direct and indirect lights. Recessed lightings and wall lamps are the main sources of light in this space.


To illuminate the façade with enchanting effects, you will have to focus on the strategic points. The catch here will be illuminating the elevated structures for better effects.

​A Cozy Access

The entrance of the house is illuminated with simple and cozy lights and it's undoubtedly a great  inspiration.

​A Well-lit Front door

Welcome your guests with a subtly illuminated door, just like this house. Lights can be fitted to the ceiling also to attain such effect.

​The area of the pool

The write-up could not have been finished with the pool area. Here, we have just the perfect example for you.

Illuminate your house with this magical light, till then we will find you more enchanting examples.

Which one of these ideas was your favourite?

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