12 helpful ideas you can use in your own little bathroom

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A lot of homes are fortunate enough to contain a second (albeit smaller) bathroom. In most cases, this extra space is nothing more than a toilet and a small sink, but it does tend to make a difference, especially if it’s shared by a large household. 

When it comes to the design aspects, this small bathroom is usually approached via a different method, seeing as it doesn’t usually contain a bath or shower. Or a lot of storage space. However, that doesn’t mean that this smaller bathroom can be overlooked in terms of beauty or functionality – it is here where we must actually focus a bit harder as we’re working with a much smaller space.

But don’t stress yourself out, for we come bearing 12 amazing examples for your viewing (and inspirational) pleasure…

1. Clean and classic colours

Don’t let a wooden floor and stone ceiling bully you into a rustic style if that’s not what you want. Through the use of clean colours, a classic mirror, and contemporary wall art, this little bathroom became quite the chic little space. 

Who says you need lots of space for lots of style?

2. Straight lines

BO6 Modern bathroom

The solution to great design usually lies in simplicity – but in the case of modern design it is most certainly true. 

Thus, don’t overstock your small bathroom with heaps of embellishments and overly decorated areas. A few straight lines (like the timber panels presented above), a neutral tone or two, decent bathroom lighting, a shelf space for storage, and we’re done!

3. A two-in-one option

We know the pain of never being quite sure where to place the washing machine if you don’t have a laundry room. But these clever designers have opted for a very unique approach: a wall niche that fits this washing machine like a glove (or is it the other way around?). 

Regardless, we can’t help but admire the sleek colours, the textured walls, and the ingenious approach to space-saving.

Two birds, one stone!

4. Saving space

This little design has a bit more space to spare, which means a shower became part of the show. The sliding glass doors take up way less space than a normal swinging door would. And we see that the little cabinet under the sink also replaced the swinging-door option with a curtain. 

Sometimes the best ideas are right in front of you…

5. Some vibrant tones

If that small space is ugly, it won’t do you or the size any favours. 

So you may as well bring in a few colourful tones for some joy. However, don’t go overboard with this: opt for a focal wall instead of decking out all the walls in strong colour, or it will make the space seem cramped.

6. Classic and high-end

We love a good monochrome design, and this small bathroom flaunts the black-and-white look superbly. A touch of pattern is ensured via the floor- and wall tiles, while a generous mirror takes care of the visual spaciousness. 

Need a designer or painter? How about a tiler or lighting expert? Our list of professionals can help you out…

7. Small storage

Want to treat yourself (or your guests) to some reading options while answering nature’s call? Ingenious elements like floating shelves and décor ladders take up the minimum amount of floor area, opting for vertical space instead.

8. Clever colours

This little space knows the success that a monochrome look brings to style. But it also knows the importance of a friendly colour, like this sunshine yellow for the cabinet. 

Add some clever lighting behind the mirror as well as fresh scent via fresh-cut flowers, and we have completely forgotten all about the small space.

9. Baskets could work

We love the idea of using baskets (or cute containers) for bathroom necessities. They take up way less legroom than a cabinet, plus you can move them to wherever desired.

And don’t forget that they are available in a multitude of colours and styles, which means you are sure to find the perfect one(s) for your particular bathroom.

10. Soft creams

Visual spaciousness works on the idea of one’s eyes perceiving more space than there actually is. And one of the secret weapons to reinforce this tactic is by using light tones, such as the creamy colours adorning this bathroom above. 

Of course generous lighting and reflective surfaces also deserve credit, as does this wall-mounted sink which clears up some floor space.

11. Wonderful wall space

Regardless of how tiny your bathroom may be, it does have walls, so make use of those vertical surfaces! 

Floating shelves work a treat for display- and storage purposes. And just see how elegant this bathroom looks thanks to its marble-coated focal wall.

12. Plants and flowers

There is always room for a flower or two, as they add both scent and colour to any space. 

But if you can manage a display area or two such as shown above, where the niches, glass shelves, and lighting all focus directly on those potted pretties, then we say go for it! 

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