Decorating your house. Don't make these 7 mistakes!

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Whether it is about picking out a new fabric for the curtains or determining the new color for the kitchen walls, playing as an interior designer is nice, but not easy always.

No matter how much we try and do our best, most of the houses seem far from the interiors in the magazines. Maybe we let ourselves get carried away easily by the latest trends and follow something too new for our own feelings and creativity?  Anyway. Unfortunately, there are no rules that dictate how you should decorate your home, but there are a number of missteps that most of us make. 

We have put them here for you in a row! So, do your best to avoid them…

1. Furniture at Wrong Place

The problem: You have put the furniture against the walls and now you face a blank space in the middle of your room. The room feels very small on.

The solution: Place furniture away from the walls and turn them into a group in the middle of the room.You will see that there is much more space. 

homify Tip: If you prefer to have an open space, leave a few centimeters between the wall and the furniture away. You will see that it looks like the walls are farther away than they actually are.

2. Everything in Same Shade

The problem: You have decorated the entire room in matching colors, fabrics, and patterns. It seems that everything melts together, making the room appear smaller.

The solution: Vary the colors, fabrics, and styles for pillows, throws, rugs, upholstery, etc. 

homify tip: Overkill is never in fashion. Limit the theme you want to make your bedroom, for example, the furniture or walls, but not both.

3. Dark Walls or Wallpapers

The problem: The wallpaper in the room with dark colors. The shades will come at you and the room appear smaller.

The solution: Use lighter shades for furniture and accessories. They make the space appear open, airy and much more inviting 

homify tip: If you really love to embrace dark colored walls then do it in limits. You can check this guide for some ideas. 

4. Overkill Accessories

The problem: You have filled every available spot in the room with accessories, souvenirs, and other frills and now stuck with a messy whole.

The solution: Put everything together in a closet and create seasonal collections of your favorite items.Change them regularly instead of putting everything together. 

homify hint: Jump the tears in your eyes at the thought that you have to pack your favorite stuff, give them to the thrift store and make someone else happy with it.

5. Curtains of Half the Length

The problem: Too short curtains that hang halfway up the floor makes the room's ceiling to appear low and dim.

The solution: Matt curtains falling on the floor seems to be the room much bigger. 

homify Hint: What you can do is put a curtain rail at the ceiling as close as possible and shorten the height of the window sill. Lets you create the illusion of a high ceiling.

6. Too much Furniture

The problem: You have too much furniture placed in a room and now you seem to have hardly any room to move.

The solution: Move excess furniture to other rooms in your house. For example, place the comfy chair in your bedroom. So you've got a new place to read a little and lounging. 

homify hint: Do not place furniture in front of the windows. If you without interruption from inside can see out creates the illusion of depth and space.

7. Poor Lighting

The problem: There is only one lamp in the room, which feels small room, dark and locked.

The solution: Choose three lamps and spread them across the room. The extra light will reflect on the walls light up the dark corners. 

homify tip: Use lighting of all size for different times of the day!

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