5 Modern houses. With the blueprints to get ideas!

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We love us some inspiration here at homify, so if you've been toying with the idea of commissioning a new home build for you and your family, perhaps you might like to see what other people have been building first? If a modern home appeals to you, don't speak to your architect until you've seen these amazing builds, as we just know they will all have features that you'll want to consider for your own project and just for fun, we've included the original plans, just so you can see how they translated into bricks and mortar buildings!

1. Reality: Better than we hoped.

A plan can't show you all the nuances that colors and furniture bring to a home, but this photograph really can! A heavenly swirl of cream, coffee and caramel tones, the open plan design is really heightened by the neutral colors.

1. Plan: Open plan and awesome!

The proposed layout of this home looks so wonderfully free-flowing and natural and with more than one bedroom, it's a property that can accommodate a growing family too. The question is, how does it look in the flesh?

2. Plan: Perfect for car fans.

We always love seeing plans that have taken passions into account and here, cars must be a serious interest, as why else would you sacrifice so much space for them? A one-room design, we can't wait to see how the main living space looks here!

2. Reality: Who needs walls?

The huge proportions of this open living/dining room and kitchen area are mind blowing and really lend themselves to brave furniture choices, such as a gigantic sofa and dining table. The mix of pendulum and spot lighting really works too, as it adds some diversity to what could have been a woefully plain space.

3. Plan: Gardeners paradise.

Constructed around a central courtyard, this u-shaped home is ideal for gardeners, as it should offer views of the outside world from every window and a deeper connection to nature, intrinsically. How the facade is finished will have a huge impact on how successful the project is!

3. Reality: Rustic revolution.

As expected, the exterior of this home has been kept rustic and natural, to work well with the central courtyard. the mix of natural wood, chunky stone and mature trees all come together to create a house that is deeply ingrained in nature. What a delight!

4. Plan: The ultimate modern extravagance!

We can tell from the plans that this isn't going to be your average family home! It looks to be hugely modern and a peculiar shape, so let's see how it actually translated into a solid structure!

4. Reality: Hollywood style.

Sleek lines, perfect render and a sunken pool are just a few of the ultra contemporary touches that make this house so spectacularly different! This could be a movie set, as it looks so damned futuristic!

5. Plan: Whatever shape is that?

Have you ever seen a house shaped like this before? If you have, you've got one up on us, as it looks bizarre as anything to us! A wavy t-design, it looks huge, but we can't quite picture how this will look as a solid structure yet!

5. Reality: Perception-altering!

Well, you can;'t say this isn't a massively modern home! Pushing the boundaries of what contemporary architecture can do, this dual-corridor design must be fascinating inside! Perhaps we'll get in there for a closer look one day!

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