32 Painted kitchen wall designs

Leigh Leigh
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The kitchen is meant to be the heart and soul of the home, where families come together to break bread and share stories about their days. 

Often people tend to get a little bit tired and uninspired when it comes to kitchen designers, however, choosing boring tiles or bland tones. This should not be the case!

In fact, your kitchen should look like a top design professional has breathed new life into it, with a modern, trendy and homely look and feel. 

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to paint your home with some beautiful, bold and bright tones. 

This is why today we have brought you 32 painted kitchen wall designs, to inspire you to add a bit of life and soul into your kitchen area!

1. Use patterns and shapes to energize a white kitchen

2. Introduce one color subtly into a white space, bringing in a touch of warmth and vibrancy

3. Paint a quote onto the kitchen wall for inspiration

4. A splash of yellow can bring a very cheerful design to a simple kitchen

5. Bring a theme to the kitchen walls—cupcakes are a great choice!

6. Or an onion for a more serious cooking space

7. Green tones bring a very earthy and natural tone to a kitchen

8. Black and white always create a very dramatic and appealing look and feel

9. Paint a patch of wall black and create a chalkboard effect

10. A red juicy apple on the wall works beautifully with white tones and wooden furniture

11. Paint the walls of your kitchen island while leaving the rest of the kitchen plain and simple

12. You can also paint darker walls with lighter shades

13. Enhance the painting on your kitchen walls by allowing natural light to flow into this space

15. Add softer, more romantic tones for a more sensual cooking area

16. You can also paint all of the walls back in your kitchen to create a chalkboard effect throughout this space

17. An artistic flower painted on the wall brings simple beauty to this trendy kitchen

18. You can also paint black flowers onto your walls for a more edgy look and feel

19. This kitchen features olive green walls with white detail—a stunning visual effect!

20. Red works for this design too

21. Extend your painted detail across the entire wall to pack a punch

22. Create a pencil like drawing on your walls for a very charming result

23. Match the colors in your kitchen to other rooms in the house for a uniform look throughout

24. Pair white, black and a bright color for a stunning aesthetically pleasing result

24. Orange is another color that can brighten up any kitchen space especially if there isn't much natural light

25. Add a splash of lime to bring a bit of a zing to your kitchen!

26. For a more elegant look, bring in artwork as well as a more classic wall design

27. Don't forget about the ceiling! This is another way to add a bit of life and soul into your kitchen.

28. Be a little bit more abstract with your kitchen wall paint

29. Choose more somber tones for a more sophisticated space

30. Paint the walls between the kitchen counters and the kitchen cupboards to break up the white tones

31. Blue brings in a bit of peace and serenity to a cooking area

32. Pair a plain wall with a beautiful piece of artwork for a kitchen that oozes charm

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