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6 tips for creating a stylish bedroom

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A bedroom is indeed the most indulging and inclusive part of the house. It is the ultimate haven where the body, mind and soul rest in unison and get revitalized for an energetic start the next morning. The design of the bedroom should be such endearing and inviting that it persuades you to forget all the worries and asks you to just sink in its comfortable goodness. It should embrace you like the arms of a mother and make you sleep sound like a baby. Therefore, it becomes all the more important to make this area soulful and peaceful in maximum possible ways. However, designing a bedroom has always been a taxing and demanding task. It involves a lot of considerations from the space for storage and the furniture, to say the least. The endless combinations of styles, colours, patterns and designs open pathways to numerous possibilities. Along with this, the budget always remains the most important factor to deal with. To inspire you with cool ideas, we bring to you some highly essential tips and tricks that will help you to give your dull bedroom a stylish yet cosy makeover.

Use Calm wall colours

Wall colours play a very important role in every room. As the bedroom is the most welcoming room, wall colours should be subtly inspiring and visually adept. In a bedroom, wall colours should exude a stylishly warm and homely feel. The hues usually range from white to grey and pink. A dominating white bedroom never goes out of fashion. It not only creates a sense of space, but also can be easily contrasted or mellowed using your choice of accessories. A clever yet stylish alternate to wall colours is the inexpensive wallpaper that can even be custom designed according to your needs and fancies. If you have the luxury of larger bedrooms, you can design one accent wall with a colourful wallpaper to further display your love for colours and design.

Employ a comfortable bed

The main highlight of the bedroom is the bed. We all dream of that one cosy bed that literally beckons us with open arms and urges us to immerse in its splendid comfort. The comfort of a bed is not proportional to its size. Even a foldable bed or a bunk bed can be as cosy and warm as a king size lavish display. But always remember that comfort is imperative. 

Let’s talk about style now. If you are open with budget, you can go for themed beds that imbibe luxury and royalty in the area. However, if you are tight fisted with a budget, you might also go with normal beds and can later embellish them with stylish accessories. The whole stance of the bed including the shape, size and the bedding should be impressive on a holistic level. For smaller bedrooms, you can push the bed into one corner for creating extra room for furniture and storage.

Go for a functional wardrobe

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The next big thing is the wardrobe. A clutter free bedroom often seems as the most unachievable goal. Even after you arrange and rearrange clothes, things do get back to square one in just a matter of few days. What we need to realise is that, style comes with sophistication which is purely dependent on clean organisation and storage skills. Ideally, a wardrobe should be the one that stylishly functions to the best of its capabilities.

If you are lucky with space, go for a walk in closet that acts as a mini store to display all your apparels and accessories. Modern closets not only come with sassy entrances, but also include an exquisite vanity for a complete makeover. If you are short of space, go for exposed shelves or long, slender vertical cabinets that can help you organise your stuff better. The example shows one such design by Latham interiors , interior designers from UK, that uses a wooden cabinet and a chest of drawers for keenly organizing everything.

A swanky dresser can do wonders!

A dresser is an integral part of your master bedroom. There are numerous ways to make it stylish and elegant. A dresser or vanity can be selected from a variety of patterns like wooden, metallic or highly contemporary. The unmatched charm and style should be reflected in its design that should be in perfect harmony with the other interiors. A female’s workshop, the dresser imperatively is accompanied by a mirror whose shape and size can be decided as per the budget and space constraints. It can be as big as a centre of attraction of your walk in closet or can be as small as a snugging fit in one corner. Always keep in mind that mirrors are great illusionists for making an intimate bedroom.

Add personal touches

As the bedroom is your personal abode, it needs to be accentuated and embellished with personalized items that invoke cosiness in the room. Family photographs and portraits are a great way to create a fun yet warm environment in the room. Try to go for a single accented wall that sets off the entire collection of your beloved and favourite family moments securely framed in unique shapes. Cosy wall stickers, decals, motifs and cushions can also bring out a remarkable personal touch into your room though the walls. A cosy book shelf, handcrafted wall clock and hand painted vases are other striking examples of imbibing a personal touch to your bedroom.

Use ambient lighting

Full Home Interior Latest Designs Nimble Interiors Modern living room
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Full Home Interior Latest Designs

Nimble Interiors

So after deciding the furniture, storage and the interiors, we now focus on the lighting which is an equally essential part for not only the bedroom, but every room of the house for that matter. As mentioned above, bedroom is the ultimate spot for re-energizing and rejuvenating after a hard day at work. Therefore, it should be extremely pleasing and soothing to the eyes as well. The wall and ceiling lighting should not be too overwhelming to create an opposing dynamic effect. A bedroom bathed in natural golden light further makes a striking composition. Try to incorporate stylish transparent curtains for allowing the maximum inflow.

A stylish master bedroom design is a unique blend of creativity and fashion. Be smart to break the monotone and indulge in a mix and match pattern to create a rare design of your own.Do not forget to checkout the bedroom design of this fairyland, for it's sure to impress you : A home from a fairy tale

Were these tips to a stylish bedroom helpful? Let us know in the comments below. 
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