10 Amazing Autumn Ideas For Your Home

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Autumn or fall is indeed one of the best times of the year to incorporate the earthy tone colors to your home decorations. The return of the cold temperature, fall colors and the nature changing its view in front of our eyes is all the evidence we need to say that finally, the autumn is officially here. Adding autumn touch to your interiors will help to transform it into new season with the excitement of the passing of the year. From interiors to exteriors of your home, fall decor colors can be robust, rich and subtle or subdued. Choose your style and follow these professional autumn ideas decoration tips and celebrate autumn with happiness!

1. Plaids and Patterns

House full of colors Intraspace Classic style living room

House full of colors


Plaids and patterns are a beautiful textile choice and also form a cozy pattern for the fall. Skip those vibrant shades like pink and yellow and pick up some darker tones to keep them from regular cleaning. Who will love to wash clothes and textures again and again in this lazy season? 

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2. Swap in seasonal Greenery

Balcony 2 homify Modern houses

Balcony 2


A bunch of Magnolia leaves will help to add a fresh note to the muted leaving at your home. The branched of plants start to pick up warm colors and add new delight to the space.

3. Add a cozy throw to the Room- Use heavy Drapery and Curtains

Since the cooler temperature is settling in, prepare your home to switch out the lighter fabrics and replace the with heavier ones. Deeper colors and heavy fabrics will feel warm and hold more air out of the room. Match your room's decor with the shade of the seasons and use heavy drapery and curtains.

4. Change the bathroom rugs

Bathroom is one of the most dreaded areas in this season and this is the right time to replace those lightweight rugs near the bathroom with heavy and furry rugs that keep your feet warm and healthy.

5. Dress your Front Porch

Say goodbye to those bug bites and sweaty night and slip into cozy porch area. Restyle the porch with some decor, blankets, furs and cushions. Use wood furniture to add more warmth.

6. Design your reading corner

And since winters are almost here, you will be spending a lot of time in bed. What else can be better than setting and designating a reading corner for yourself and pick out those novels you always wanted to read.

7. Plug in More Lamps

With the shorter days, you'll want to add brighter lighting to your favorite spaces. Add lamps to the areas where you will be working or studying. 

8. Restructure your Dining Area

Dining Area homify Modern dining room

Dining Area


Redecorate your dining area and form a more casual and warm feel to the dining area. You can try using red and yellow apples as an informal organic and edible centerpiece. 

Remember, the centerpiece doesn’t have to be stagnant, add or detract from it throughout the season for added visual interest.  

9. Use darker Pallete

Fabien Charuau - Recent Projects Fabien Charuau Photography Classic style living room
Fabien Charuau Photography

Fabien Charuau—Recent Projects

Fabien Charuau Photography

Cuddle up in dim lights and dark surroundings. Use darker palette for the textiles as well as decor to create serene vibe to the area.

10. Slip cover your furniture

Fabien Charuau - Recent Projects Fabien Charuau Photography Colonial style living room
Fabien Charuau Photography

Fabien Charuau—Recent Projects

Fabien Charuau Photography

Since there will be heavy air, thick fogs and dust in the air sooner, it is time to cover up your expensive furniture with some slip-overs that are not too much heavy but apt to keep the furniture peices safe from getting damaged. 

11. Build up your Fireplace

Your fireplace has been waiting for this throughout the year. Get it ready on time. Whether you are looking in your yard or travelling to some art and craft stores, dried leaves and pine cones make a good decor item. Decorate your fireplace mantle with  Small pumpkins, gourds or dried leaf vines, and colorful candles will brighten your mantle and spirits.

Make dining arrangements near the fireplace.

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