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​8 creative utensil storage ideas

Clerkenwell WC1: Minimal Professional Home Increation Classic style kitchen
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A kitchen can be creatively articulated as the engine that runs the entire household. It is an endearing workshop where creativity reacts with emotions to produce delicious meals. However, the kitchen is also the place that is most susceptible to clutter and nuisance. No matter how big or small a kitchen is, it is always prone to shabby cabinets and tightly stuffed drawers that may burst open at any hour of the day. To help you deal with this issue more sophistically, homify brings you some creative ideas that will help you store utensils in a refined manner.

Country style

For designing your kitchen in a true country style, you need to give keen attention to utensils and utensil storage as well.  Country living is all about openness and warmth. Therefore, the use of exposed shelves and hanging patterns should replace the modern modular design for a better finish. This example shows a typical country style kitchen which is perfectly complemented by copper and aluminium vessels that are stored in open shelves above the bench top. This wonderful idea not only reinstates country living but also provides uninterrupted apace on the counter top.

Accessible holders!

utensil holder simplehuman KitchenKitchen utensils

utensil holder


Are you short of drawers and overhead cupboards? How about using the counter top its to place compact holders that help you easily organize tools and ladles? These holders are fitted with separators that help you place all your handy gadgets and tools I a much sophisticated and refined way. They are literally available at an arm’s distance and save you from the hassle of scrutinizing drawers and creating unnecessary havoc.

Portable cabinet

Kitchen update Hege in France Scandinavian style kitchen
Hege in France

Kitchen update

Hege in France

An absolute boon for the city dwellers, this innovative idea is nothing but a cabinet on wheels. This metallic trolley provides an open storage of utensils, dishes and even tea sets that otherwise are highly space occupying. Perfect for smaller kitchens and households, this portable shelf can be easily maneuvered in any part of the kitchen and can even be of great assistance during parties and get-togethers.


Clerkenwell WC1: Minimal Professional Home Increation Classic style kitchen

Clerkenwell WC1: Minimal Professional Home


This sight may appear horrifying in the first instance but actually has a very interesting flip side. It is a simple yet clever design that makes use of magnet and metal attracting properties to create a truly innovative and clutter free storage. This magnetic stripe holder eliminates the need of a knife stand or an extra drawer for storing your knife collection. This affordable idea by Increation, interior designers in UK, not only makes some extra space for storing other items, but also acts as an impressive display to flaunt your esteemed collection.


Stainless steel plate racks The Plate Rack KitchenCabinets & shelves
The Plate Rack

Stainless steel plate racks

The Plate Rack

This amazing idea provides a common platform to place all the utensils in one single place. This exposed shiny metal rack provides a designated spot to each utensil and makes them easily accessible as well. It is a time-tested way to neatly segregate all kitchen tools that are highly aesthetically pleasing as well.

Make It large!

Another creative way to organize your kitchen utensils is to segregate it according to size and usage and make a beautiful display out of it. This idea is especially for the people who want to have exposed shelves in the kitchen but can’t do it because of space constraints. This ingenious way helps you bring out a part of the kitchen into the dining space that offers a beautiful rustic sight. For more kitchen storage ideas, you can also refer to this resourceful ideabook : 4 innovative food storage ideas at home


This is another creative idea that allows you to bring some colour into your dull kitchen space.  By using peppy cabinets, open shelves and colourful figurines, you can now colour coordinate your utensils and arrange them into a visually delightful sight. This highly appealing design persuades you to use your vivid utensils as a decorative item that can bring positivity and freshness in your home along with the fact that it makes them extremely handy for use.

Classic design

This is a classic modular kitchen design that makes use of separators and organizers to arrange everything in a neat and tidy manner. For people blessed with large kitchen areas, concealed storage is a highly alluring and appealing way to make a place for everything in drawers and cabinets. The pullout drawers provide designated areas for spoons, knives, forks and even kitchen tools which, if put together, might be nothing less than a nightmare. You can use storage space under the countertop to design wooden or metallic drawers for maximum utility.  All the above listed designs are creatively designed by interior decorators and designers as per the owner’s usage and space availability. For more such designs, browse through homify.

Aren’t these ideas easy and simple to implement in every household? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
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