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Undoubtedly, curtains impart a dreamy and floating texture to the room. This extremely important make or break accessory serves different functions for different people. For some, it just acts as a separator from the outside world while others treat it as a beautiful decorative item that enhances the beauty of their rooms. For few of them, it just acts as a shield from the harsh sun rays.  Let us walk you through some curtain designs that not only do justice to all the aforementioned requirements, but also inspire you with ideas for decorating larger windows.


This is the living room of a spacious house that greets you with the view of a sprawling glass window on your arrival in this beautiful abode. The window is covered with transparent white curtains to capture maximum natural light in the room which is further accentuated with the thick dark brown curtains that serve the dual purpose of contrast and style. The dark brown curtains can be assembled during the day time and can be let loose during nights for a brighter accent.


This is a traditional pattern of colourful curtains that has been in use for decades and still maintains the same charm and elegance. The beauty of these curtains lies in the simple flowery design that is far from modernity, but exudes the same warm and cozy effect. The symmetrical plating on the sides along with the classic semi-circular design on the top creates the perfect drooping effect that reminds you of your memorable childhood days. 

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This living area is designed in minimalist terms and thus the curtains are also kept subtle and minimally designed. The large semi-circular window spans from one corner to the other and creates an impressive effect which is further intensified by the light coloured sheen curtains that provide just the optimum privacy while keeping the living room well lit throughout the day. They are in perfect sync with the room décor and add to the elegance.


This dining room is a cozy place with neutral colours and matte flooring. The curtains provided here are in perfect harmony with the mute shades and assist in maintaining the same charm and decorum of the area. The sky blue curtains are provided to extend the blue effect of the dining chairs while the white sheen curtains strike the perfect cord with the white interiors. The combination of white and blue creates a magical effect of clouds flowing down your dining space.


A lot can be done with the curtains. In this case, the flowing white and gold curtains look perfect against the similar toned wallpaper and muted flooring. The USP of this design lies in the frill pattern created on the underside that imbues a luxurious and stylish feel in the entire room. The sassy design of holding the curtains on one side is a great source of inspiration that truly display, curiosity and creativity have absolutely no boundaries.


Designed by Topos partners, architects in kerala, this room is inviting and endearing at the same time. What catches our immediate attention is the royal aura exuded by each and every element of this area including the thick curtains. The curtains here are given a bright twist by the use of double shaded thick fabric. The unique way of displaying the curtains showcases the darker accent that brightens up the whole space with its charm and grandiosity. The graciousness of the white sheen fabric as against the thick curtains exudes the feeling the togetherness in this regal display of perfection.


Beauty can be defined in many ways. One of which is ‘Simplicity’. This room brings together a colourful tropical feel mainly attributed to the openness and the vivid flooring. The large glass windows allow you to bring nature inside the bedroom and this is perfectly complemented by the thin sheen white transparent curtains. They do not overpower the actual look and feel of the room, instead draw you closer to nature by creating a transparency between indoors and outdoors.

Combined effect

Here is a unique combination that uses a shutter and curtains simultaneously. This combination blends in well with the flowery, the lavender mood of the room and imparts a dreamy texture. Perfect for your teenage girl, this room is all about warmth and feminism. The use of light lavender shade instead of bright colour further extends the same inviting approach that makes the room an ideal styling haven.

We hope by now you have made the selection of curtains for your dream house. Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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