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Small and lovable! 20 charming mini houses

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Small homes are becoming more and more popular by the year, and we're not surprised. Rather than considering mini-houses in terms of their limitations, ambitious architects have instead learned to play to their strengths, creating innovative designs that are highly practical and look stunning.

Today we're going to look at 20 mini-houses that will completely change the way you think about micro-houses. These houses work great in any environment, whether it be inner city suburbs or deep in the wilderness, with each design incorporating the surroundings for fantastic results. 

Now obviously tiny homes have economic advantages, they are much cheaper to build, require a much smaller plot of land, and can be constructed quickly, but we think that after you take a look at the breathtaking homes in today's article you'll be convinced that a mini-house is perfect for you, whatever your budget.

So let's take a look at these charming tiny abodes!

1. A lakeside property.

The architects of this adorable home used soft tones for a country cottage feel which is contrasted by modern touches in the solar panels and the lower level.

2. The undeniable charm of wood

This simple yet sophisticated design makes for a really distinctive home. The square facade is broken up by the organic variation in the woodgrain for a fantastic natural design.

3.A neutral home

This home uses neutral colours to reflect the stone features surrounding the structure, with a single wooden feature panel that looks just fabulous with the autumn leaves.

4. A stylish and modern home.

Front facade and entrance The Chase Architecture Modern houses
The Chase Architecture

Front facade and entrance

The Chase Architecture

Red fir lattice provides an exciting effect in this modern London home, but is paired with sleek concrete so as not to overwhelm the eye.

5. A gravity defying home

This home has the charm of a treehouse, as it is elevated by a smaller basement level. This super functional home uses an advanced understanding of ventilation and cooling for a truly unique design. 

6. A cute little country home.

With a charming gable canopy, plenty of potted plants, and a traditional aesthetic, this delightful home looks like it came straight out of a fairytale.

7. Brilliant corners

The angle of the roof produces some very interesting lines in this ode to modern design. The home has a contemporary facade hiding a warm woodgrain interior for a lesson in cutting-edge architecture.

8. Keeping it simple

This extremely simple design makes for a comfortable home with a distinctive design. Sometimes less is more, as we see in this impressive design.

9. A dazzling blue cottage

One Bedroom Bespoke Wee House The Wee House Company Country style houses
The Wee House Company

One Bedroom Bespoke Wee House

The Wee House Company

This fun home uses vibrant colours to suggest a children's playhouse. A fabulously quirky design that looks gorgeous in the lush surroundings.

10. A traditional home with a modern twist

Inspired by traditional architecture but constructed from contemporary materials, and a modern sense of simplicity, this Japanese home uses bold contrasts to express its style.

11. A minature castle

This Mediterranean inspired home uses limestone and a quaint red rood for the appearance of tiny castle! A perfect place for the regal homeowner.

12. A family home of glass

This home uses glass walls to absolutely flood the space in light, not to mention blurring the interior living spaces with the garden, for a spacious family house.

13. A minimalist design

A bold home that uses a minimalist design that maximises privacy, but also looks great. The bright blue corrugated exterior is striking and impressive.

14. A creative Cologne home

Here we have a white house that continues the tradition of updating traditional designs, using an extended roof to create a home of varied depth and shape.

15. An open but hidden residence

This hideaway takes advantage of the privacy naturally afforded by the environment to create an open home with awe-inspiring vistas.

16. A tropical paradise

What a vivacious home, positively bursting with life! With A light and bright exterior, and a patio teeming with potted plants, this tropical design really buoys the spirit.

17. Industrial comfort

This sleek design combines an impervious white exterior, with a woodgrain feature that reflects the boundary fence for a futuristic home that takes privacy seriously.

18. A concrete bungalow

This eco-friendly twist on the classic bungalow uses textured grey concrete that looks fabulously inviting due to the warm glow emanating from inside.

19. A vibrant summer home

We just love this home, it's so much fun! With a Mediterranean style, and lovely touches like the blue window frames reflecting the fence, this home has us dreaming of the beach, and long hours swinging on that hammock!

20. A low-key design

This is a home that gives nothing away. The two white rectangles that make up the facade create a magical floating effect due to the hard black of the garage. The result is stunning.

We hope you loved these small homes as much as we did, and remember your home doesn't need to be big to be beautiful! For more economical homes check out this article!

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