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10 wonderful concepts for Small Detached Homes

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When you are looking for a vacation home or want a low-maintenance residence after retirement, a small detached house is the perfect option. Who wouldn’t like living in such a home and enjoying the intimacy and cosiness that it brings?!

Everyone’s idea of a small home might differ, ranging from a tiny bungalow of 150 square meters to a cottage that’s just 50-60 square meters. We’ve put together 10 design concepts for detached homes to help you get ideas for building your own. Some are bigger than others. A few have up to three bedrooms, while others follow an open-plan design. Take a look, and get inspired!

1. Double storey with asymmetric roof

Along with the simple styling of the exteriors using white walls, wood textures and steel frames, this home is eye-catching because of its asymmetric roof. The design manages to include an extra floor under the higher part of the roof. The use of wood helps to create a warm and cosy feel to the small home.

2. Modular wood structure

Wooden cabins can be charming, and they are also easy to construct, if they are made from modular wood sections, like this home in Ankara. With all the rooms on a single level, it’s a perfect option for an affordable, low-maintenance retirement home.

3. Eco-friendly brick-and-straw adobe house

If you want a detached home that has a minimal impact on the environment, this design, which uses wooden frames packed with brick and straw, is the best option.

4. Mediterranean miniature

Usually, when you think of a Mediterranean home, the picture of a large villa comes to mind. However, you can replicate the same architecture to create a smaller home that carries through the characteristic white walls, arched windows, tiled roof and covered balconies. The tinier size makes it easier to maintain, especially if it’s an infrequently used holiday home.

5. Flat-roofed minimalism

This bungalow has a typical minimalist design with straight-lines and a flat roof. The large glass windows maximise the views of the landscaping and the swimming pool. It also has an energy saving feature as it uses solar technology for electricity.

6. Doll’s house in rainbow colours

At first glance, you might mistake this for a toy house due to its bright colours. It’s perfect for a vacation home on the beach, and can be built in a short time. The wood and brick structure makes it economical to construct.

7. Living in a box

Minimalist designs are also great alternatives for weekend homes in the countryside. They are low-maintenance, and these next-generation homes can be equipped with state-of-the-art technology so that you don’t miss out on urban comforts.

8. A blend of modern and traditional

There’s no denying the charm of traditional home design with its sloping roof. However, when you need to incorporate modern technology, it’s best to merge the old with the new to create a structure that retains tradition but simultaneously manages to be elegantly contemporary.

9. Rustic with Asian influences

A rustic home doesn’t necessarily have to look like a country home. This house manages to infuse an Asian influence with its dark wood façade and single slope roof. The two-storeyed structure is stylish and compact.

10. Wooden house on stilts

What better way to enjoy the view from a mountainside than to build an easy-to-maintain wooden house on stilts?! The elevated structure presents a bird’s eye view of the surroundings. You might begin to believe that you have the world at your feet!

To see an interesting weekend home in Mumbai, visit this ideabook.

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