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The super 7 wooden houses

Ruqaiyya Hussain Ruqaiyya Hussain
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The beauty of the house lies in the charming look of its material. Teak wood houses are not difficult to be made if you have some knowledge and seek harmony at warmth at your place. However, the priority should be to consult an architect or qualified technicians in this field as well. To avoid problems later on, we bring you an ideabook that shows beautiful wooden houses accompanied by warmth and pleasing atmosphere. If anyone is looking for a designer wooden house then here it is. You have to see it to conclude on 7 styles together to do better for your home.

1. Country Design

A house with such a brilliant design is hard to find. The roof has been designed filed out of the door sanctuary at the entrance. The outer wall is made of dark brown wood. The combination of sash windows and doors of natural-looking light brown wood will not be too boring.

2.Modern Style Wooden House

A house surrounded by hills, covered with lush trees and greenery, the area look comfortable to live. The designer here has build the house to blend the wood with the natural surroundings. The roof designed is shaped like upturned and the modern style structure is a welcome. It also has advantages of proper  air flow. To add some dimension, glass is used at windows. 

Outside the garden, planting shrubs and pine trees with a beautiful form lifts up the beauty of this house. 

3. Wooden Box

We often see the house with the flat roof of this modern style house only. I believe that if it can be applied to the wooden house, the results are incredible. Architect designed house in U-shaped, modern look. In the midway, there is a greenhouse to keep the house bright and connect the two parts together without feeling alienated. They look beautiful. The glass timber is brought together with the material highlights the beauty of house.

4. Minimal Style

Tree houses, where children dreamed to live always, has been further developed and it became a tree house resort surrounded by forest without even disturbing the natural use of the four pillars supporting the house there. One wall with mirrors is set on front to view the people living on a tree that is lined comfort and relaxation.


Then we can see the internal structure of this small wooden house. The inside has been designed to be simple. White is the main focus here and a high bed is elevated in center. Cushions and comfortable seats are provided for full comfort.

5. Home Style Cottage

The two-story wooden house characterized by a bright red comes into play to create a unique and different  look from the home in the same neighborhood. Tucked in wooden outside walls create a warmth. Further, modern glass windows and doors are added here. The frame and the window and door are painted red as well. Although the overall picture of this house looks stylish, keep the color contrast in mind as per the taste of local residentials.

6. Wooden Classic

We take a look inside this wooden house, from detailed point. Simply furnished, it is unique in bringing wood into the play area and the roof and walls painted a series of cursory. The wood is beautiful and classic again.

7. House Style

An interesting feature of this house is the shape of a rectangle with rounded edges that do not look too hard. In addition to this, the recessed front landing are eye striking feature. The sides also add connection to a dimension that is not boring. A pipe from the wood to the pool, each design adds to the warmth. Horizontal lines are also added to the windows to break the longitudinal pattern.They also filter light and let your privacy hide from the eyes of people outside. On the outside, a pool is reserved for family members and friends to come visit.

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