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In toady’s world, dining room is not just a place to interact and strengthen the family ties. It has now become such an integral part of the house that it demands complete attention to the design, lighting and classy furniture. The one thing that makes the dining room décor complete with its royal presence is ‘The Chandelier’. A mark of supreme luxury and flamboyance, chandeliers have been known to us since the times of Kings and rulers. Homify brings you some classy and stunning designs that can create the same regal effect in your dining room as well.

Impressively royal

Colourful, elegant and sophisticated defines this miraculous beauty that speaks volumes about its sheer design and glory. Not only does this chandelier provide a bright contrast to the room, but also enlightens the space with its perky blood red colour. The slender and selective light bulbs are all pointing upwards and create an illusion of yesteryear’s candle flames that create a startling lighting effect. Also, the uniformity in the intricate design from the suspension point to the end shows the pure craftsmanship and keen attention to detail.

Redefining luxury

Now this is what we call living in extreme luxury and opulence. The glass coated dining table with the classy upholstered chairs make the perfect counterparts of an elegant and luxurious living room. To add a cherry on the top, we have a suave chandelier that is modern and stylish and embraces the entire space in its charm and brightness. Made out of elongate cylindrical crystals, this chandelier creates a perfect reflection on the glass dining table.


A chandelier does not always need to be the show stopper of the dining room. It can very well act as a supporting feature that highlights other aspects of the room. This example is one such case where the chandelier perfectly blends in the white décor of the room, thus invoking a warm and cozy feeling. The chandelier in this case was strategically chosen to keep the dining table as the main focal point, while performing its job with extreme subtlety and elegance.


This egg-shaped design is a sleek twist to the regular wide and broad chandeliers. Standing in utmost elegance, this stylish piece creates a perfect harmony with the glass doors and windows.  The height of the chandelier is kept at such a level to eliminate the overwhelming radiance. Instead, it allows you to enjoy a smooth and soft luminance reflecting through those beautifully carved crystals.

The snake charmer

Confused! Don’t be. By ‘Snake Charmer’ we did not mean literally. This classic design of chandelier gets this name because of the snake like curvaceous body that is absolutely charming. Unlike the other chandeliers in this area, this one does not employ the regular LED lamps or crystals instead, if you look closer, you can see bulbs hanging upside down in a beautiful and tightly fit array. It embarks a subtlety to the room with its sectional placement over the dining area, which does not overpower the interesting charm of this area.

The Kingdom of dreams!

Extremely surreal! Designed by Turkish designers- Sonmez Mobilya Avantgarde Boutique, this very frame seems to be straight out from a fairy land, right! Designed with the same theme in mind, designers have very carefully planned this area with an acute sense of design. The precise attention to detail can be witnessed from the chandelier that is so intricately designed that it creates a perfect match with the green walls and lustrous mirror. The chandelier itself exudes a royal floating feathery effect that directly transports you to a beautiful land of luxury and opulence.


A subtle twist to the regular patterns, this design is tailor-made for small dining areas. As you can see, this dining area is pretty compact so a projecting chandelier would have been a spoilsport in this whole décor. The clever selection of a sleek design that does not construe a lot of space, but creates the same magical effect as its contemporaries, makes this design extremely special.

The black beauty

Let’s be creative! The gorgeous art on the wall imparts a chic and feminine aura to this dining room. Now, a regular crystal chandelier would have been easily overlooked in the infectious beauty of this room. That is why, a black chandelier has been very thoughtfully placed in the centre to give a perfect contrast to the subtle interiors and maintain the same chic and sassy vibe in the room. This beautiful addition is truly intoxicating and enlightens the whole room with its supreme placement and bright shade.

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