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9 Ideas For A Bewitching Backyard

Leigh Leigh
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There is nothing better than relaxing outdoors in the back garden. It's the perfect place for kicking back and spending time with friends and family. 

And as Canadians, we know how we have to make the absolute most of summer weather!

The backyard is also a space where decor needs to be used intelligently, especially in a small space. With good ideas, you can truly do a lot with a little. 

When it comes to solutions that are inspiring, we have chosen to look at the backyard today at homify so that you can make this area a much more pleasant space. 

We've brought you 9 special projects that from top professionals from around the world, which will inspire you today as well as serve as reference points for you to copy at home! Whether its through colours, lighting, garden furniture or leisure facilities, the option of improving the back garden is always worth it. 

This is why we invite you to follow us through the images below and learn all of the great tips and tricks from these wonderful projects. Your garden will become an oasis at the edge of the home in no time! 

Let's get inspired!

1. Invite visitors to a room in the garden!

The best way to make all of your guests and your family and friends feel at ease is to choose an outdoor space for rest and relaxation. If your yard has enough size, why not choose to organise a little living space in this middle of the area? The result is incredibly welcoming!

In fact in this image, we can see just how modern and sophisticated it is in this design Hungaro Decor.

2. Decorate it with trees and plants

To break up the coldness of the walls on your terrace or in your garden, choose shrubs or plants that grow vertically and close to the walls. This is a great solution! In this way, your backyard looks far more natural and in harmony with the garden that surrounds it.

You can also get help from a professional landscaper if need be too! In this image, we can see how well this design works in this project by Stefani Architecture.

3. Lighting is everything!

A key tip in creating amazing effects in the backyard is to choose beautiful lighting. LED or neon lights can give excellent results to a space, illuminating the detail and design.

You can also play with colours and styles, illuminating the swimming pool for example. This can create an especially interesting backdrop for the outdoor area of your home.

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4. Make the most of the vertical space

In this landscaped garden, the wooden patio balances beautifully with the natural features, while the vertical garden and wooden shelves create very special design.

This is a very trendy feature that gives the family garden a little bit of personality and charm.

A vertical garden can truly pack quite a punch with a stunning final result. 

5. Delicate solutions with pergolas

Pergolas are wonderful decorative structures, offering a little bit of finesse to a garden design.

Although the most common structures are made from wood, you can find beautiful alternatives to adorn the garden. As we can see in this image, pergolas just make a garden that much more special and interesting. 

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6. Make the most of the surrounding scenery

For people who live on a long sloping ground or areas that are highly elevated, the main tip is to never fail to appreciate the scenery that surrounds the home.

You also need to opt for furniture that will withstand climatic variations and can be enjoyed no matter what time of the day or year.

7. backyard of dreams for the one who has everything

Exercise, meals and rest: this backyard of dreams brings together a range of functionalities for various day-to-day activities. Why not organize a barbeque by the pool? Or relax in the sun on a reading chair? There are many possibilities for a well-planned space!

Exercises, meals and rest: the courtyard of dreams brings together a range of accommodation for various day-to-day. How about organizing a barbecue by the pool? Or, relax in the sun in the middle of the reading chairs? There are many possibilities in a well-planned space! 

Don't you love this design by Argollo & Martins?

8. The patio as an extension of the home

Designing your backyard is also a matter of your own style and personality as well as the space that you have available.

In this design, we can see how an elongated sofa finished in waterproof material fits onto the edge of the terrace, bringing the feeling of welcoming and warmth to the exterior space. 

The palm trees bring a bit of detail and tropical design to the space, while the aligned stones create a wonderful pathway through the garden. This creates an unconscious visual connection between the garden and the home.

9. Multiple amenities in one space!

In this backyard, we can see how everything is well distributed and organized with so much beauty. The large wooden deck and the swimming pool are the perfect elements for this large area, as well as the dining room space and sofas, which provide the perfect resting spot.

There are so many wonderful possibilities as this lovely design shows! 

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