​10 easy bathroom upgrades you can do this weekend

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Tired of being greeted by the same dull old bathroom each and every morning? We know that a renovation is not in everyone’s budgets, but that doesn’t mean you have to be content with a dull and bleak space every time you answer nature’s call.

Take your bathroom design from “blah” to “ah” this coming weekend – all it will take is some time, some light elbow grease, perhaps a little spending, and a few ultra creative ideas. Fortunately for you, though, we already took care of the ideas part, meaning all you need to do is scroll through our list and decide which idea you’ll be trying out first!

1. Beautify the wall with some texture

Bamboo Pixers Modern bathroom



We know what you’re thinking – paint takes hours to dry. But who said anything about paint? Thanks to PIXERS’ immense range of fantastic stick-on options, you can now add architectural interest to a basic wall via stickers, wall murals and canvasses, among other options. 

From faux stone and wood to bamboo and foliage, who knew jazzing up a wall could be so easy?

2. Stylish storage

Trick your bathroom into storing more while upgrading its style with some floating shelves, baskets, and pretty containers. 

Give each family member his/her own little basket or container and make them responsible for its upkeep.

3. Take your shower curtain from simple to stunning

Add a designer’s touch by merely switching out your old shower curtain with a smartly patterned fabric curtain. Simply pair fabric panels with a clear plastic shower liner to block splatters.

4. See the (new) light

Menora Residence Moda Interiors Modern bathroom
Moda Interiors

Menora Residence

Moda Interiors

You will definitely see your bathroom in a whole new light if you change out a dated light fixture for something new and dramatic. 

And while you’re at it, switch over to LEDs to give your electricity bill a break.

5. Embellish your cabinets

Sailing Ships Pixers Modern bathroom

Sailing Ships


Give your ordinary vanity- or cupboard doors some star power in mere seconds. Simply select from PIXERS’ amazing range of dazzling images (seascapes, artistic collages, etc.) or upload your own, let them print it onto their durable and self-adhesive wall material, and stick ‘em where you like.  

The best part? You can stick and re-stick (and re-stick some more) until you are perfectly happy with how (and where) those works of art are stuck. How convenient!

6. De-clutter with some organisers

Tired of those vanity drawers looking a mess? 

Use spring-loaded separators, valet trays, and small acrylic trays to keep your makeup, soaps, cotton ear buds, and other bathroom necessities in neat order.

7. Spa up your shower space

You deserve the best, which is why a luxury spa feel is in order for your next shower. 

Switch out the old showerhead for a large rain-style model, which is readily available from multiple home centres. It fits quite easily onto existing plumbing, so no need to dial up a professional.

8. Energise your exhaust fan

Test your fan’s strength by placing one square of toilet paper in front of it to see how much air it’s drawing in. If too much dust has built up over time, give it a good cleaning with a vacuum hose fitted with a brush attachment. 

It’s also probable that there could be a blockage in the exhaust pipe. Simply use a dryer vent brush with a flexible long handle and a brush on the end to clean this.

9. Play with patterns

Take a cue from your new shower curtain. Jazz up your boring bathroom space with some marvellous motifs in the form of new textiles. 

Yes, whether it's new window treatment or towels (or both!), some delightful polka dot (or paisley, or trellis… ) in striking colour can give your bathroom the oh wow factor it needs.

10. Give your cabinets a facelift

Even something as small and simple as a new knob or pull can give your old bathroom space a stylish new makeover. These can go sooo well with those tremendous new PIXERS works of art you stuck on earlier…  

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