12 ways to add texture to your walls

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The textures on the walls are elements that make the walls of the house become decorative pieces, creating contrasts of materials, light and shadow. A wall with a different finish is much more attractive.

If you have decided to give texture to your walls, you should always take into account the decorative style of the space in which you decide to use it because it depends on the style of texture that will be applied.Think about the colors, materials, and style of your home; if you want to give a sober and elegant appearance, a relaxed and informal touch is apt. There are some textures with very strong personality and others with less, but both are an excellent choice for home decoration. 

In the book today, we have 12 great ideas to fill texture and personality the walls of your house. Join us to see them and fill yourself with inspiration !.

1. With Bricks

The brick walls often form an ideal choice as they are being full of texture and personality. Certainly, with its presence the aesthetics of the environment will be special and have a different strength than any other.

Being representative of industrial style, this tendency to lay bare our home finishes strong comeback to let us see the essence of the materials in the construction of personality and style permeating the designs is special.

2. Wood

Wood is definitely the main material in decorating homes. It's pretty, natural, comfortable and warm, and the star of the furniture and floors. It is also perfect for coating the walls of the house. Installation is relatively simple, so if you have some time available for the construction work, you could do it yourself, but we recommend that you approach a professional for best results. 

Wood-paneled walls provide a great decorative touch, perfect for all decorative styles.

3. Metal finish combined with Wood and Nature

To add as many textures to the walls of the house, we can use a combination of different materials that enrich the most of our design. The finishes of the materials are perfect for adding texture and color as we see in this picture. The combination of the mosaics with the metallic finish in combination with wood and vegetation, result in a refined and spectacular atmosphere.

4. With Vertical Garden

A green wall is an architectural element that provides a new space where plants can grow, offering multiple benefits, among which we can mention, besides ecological, they are the psychological and body beneficiary. To bring nature into your home, today there are very original designs that fit the spaces and needs.

With a green wall, you can give that natural touch to any room in your home, despite not having a large space, since being placed on the wall, will not interrupt the flow between rooms and be filled with life to your home .

5. Natural Stone

The stone, like all natural materials, has the characteristic of providing a wealth of contrasting environments.The natural properties offer a variety of shades in the same stone, so you can combine various types such as slate, granite or sandstone and depending on the amounts we mix, we get different results. 

One of the great advantages of stone is its resistance to time, so it has moved from outside to inside our homes as one of the darlings materials to coat the walls, because its presence brings a great personality to any space .

6. Artificial Stone

The stones have something that gives us warmth, welcome, and safety. A stone wall can become the focus of eyes at home. If our budget is somewhat limited, we can resort to imitation stones and add an original decorative touch such as an accent color layer and the image and add other decorative elements that make it look simply spectacular.

7. 3D Panels

3D panels will bring life to the walls with modern and contemporary designs. They can be made of natural fibers such as the stalks of sugar cane.

These panels can be painted, they are lightweight and environmentally friendly, plus they are easy to install.

8. PVC Walls

One of the most commonly used materials to create textures on the walls is PVC because it is a material that is resistant to condensation and moisture, so it fits any room in the house. It is easy to clean and maintain so their role goes beyond an aesthetic point of view.

9. Textured Tiles

Tiles with reliefs and textures give more depth and dynamism to the walls. That's why although it is the traditional white color, the design looks out of space, plus it serves as a perfect canvas to highlight the decoration the kitchen. 

Just a few splashes of color come to life on the kitchen wall tiles.

10. Plasterboards

Gypsum is one of the most widely used materials in building due to its multiple functions. In interior decoration, plaster offers many alternatives to transform the rooms of the house, from the decoration of the ceilings, making moldings and walls with personality. This is an inspiring example of what we can achieve to add texture and personality to the walls of the house with this material example.

11. To divide the environment with Style

Interior designers are turning to room dividers to create a focal point of attention from which all other elements flow. With a 3D panel like this, you can easily achieve your beauty goals for the room. Color and textures make the wall come alive and movement, making your home decor something really spectacular.

12. Textiles

As mentioned at the beginning of this book, there are textures with marked personalities and more relaxed, the latter are perfect to take them to the walls of the bedroom, where you can play with simple finishes and light colors.

Textiles are the best choice for this home environment. In this design, the bedhead becomes all a padded and cozy wall that gives special attention to the decoration of the room, besides providing great personality and elegance atmosphere. It is not only original but also refined.

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