10 Fabulous Ideas to Furnish your Home

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With the much awaited festival of lights around the corner, both traditional shopping areas and large malls are decorated with a range of tempting items for children and adults alike. Besides adorning the house with rangolis, earthen lamps and strings of twinkling lights around the balcony, you can also make DIY decorations to enhance the grandeur of your house. As Diwali is also a time when friends and relatives living several miles away in the city would be likely to come and celebrate with you, it gives you the perfect reason to go overboard in giving your home décor a stylish makeover. 

While purchasing new furniture, giving the house a fresh coat of paint or purchasing new décor items for display are the most obvious choice for a new look, giving all your furnishings an entirely new look is also a doable idea. Here are some trendy ideas to give your furnishings a stylish look to impress guests this Diwali and inspire them to try something similar at their homes too.

1. Unusual Cushions

Nothing changes the beauty and class of a sofa or bed as effectively as few unusually designed cushions or colorful pillows. Here are a few hand embroidered silk cushion covers with cat motifs based on the famous Rosina Watchmister's paintings that can become an interesting conversation pieces at your Diwali party. These can be arranged on chairs, sofas and beds to make your room elegant and charming. 

2. Colorful handknotted rug

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The Woven Arts

Hand Knotted Traditional Rugs

The Woven Arts

To usher in the Festival of Lights everything should be bright and colorful and what can be more vivid than a rug with bright splashes of red, maroon and cream against a light blue floor. Hand knotted by by skilled craftsmen of Indus Shanti Carpets India (P) Ltd. the rug has beautiful designs of both simple and intricate leaves and flowers woven together. Decorate it before your sofa or chairs where guests are likely to admire it for its classic beauty and also for your taste.

3. Refurbishing sofa with crewel fabrics

Crewel embroidery is both classy and infinitely pleasing to see which enhances the beauty of carved classic style sofas. The new upholstery will give an elegant look to your furniture and also win appreciative comments from guests. As the sofa is heavily embroidered try to avoid using cushions that are too colourful or showy which divert focus from the upholstery.

4. Colorful hue to sitting room

Why not give a festive hue to all the rooms in your house instead of limiting it to living room. It could be anything like colourful curtains, new cushion covers, chair covers and slip covers for shelves. Here we see how the rich blend of vibrant colors and patterns has transformed the family living room and truly reflects the festive mood.

5. Lavish curtain arrangement

If upholstering or changing carpets and rugs is not your idea of new Diwali furnishings then you try  out something adventurous like this to up the style quotient of your living room. This arrangement combining lace and silk curtains with a bunch of artificial roses is unusual and delightful that displays creativity and imagination. You can do something like this or use your own designs with silken ropes and other decorative elements to give a stylish twist to your furnishings this Diwali.

6. Freshly transformed bench of white

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If you have any old fashioned furniture at home that requires upholstering and polishing then Diwali is the best time for those tasks. Just see how a fresh coat of paint and polish along with new upholstery has helped to recreate an abandoned bench in the garage for several years. All it needs is a colorful throw with traditional embroidery or handmade rug to enhance the stark whiteness of the seat and it can easily adorn an empty veranda, corridor or balcony.

7. Trendy chairs

Bored of old garden chairs in the house and want to give them a trendy twist? Then make slipcovers for them with cute neck supports like these that hide frayed edges and also brings color to the plain cane chairs. When designing slip covers for chairs like these, always remember to have contrasting combinations with respect to covers and cushions for a stylish look.

8. Enchanting ceiling decoration

While Diwali is a time for diyas, rangolis and lighting up the house in the best possible way it also is the best time to showcase your skills in interior decoration. Delicate fabrics like lace, gossamer or even old silk saris with exquisite embroidery can be used to make decorations like this using an elegant chandelier as the centre-piece and drawing strips of fabrics from it to other parts of the room. Little twinkling lights between the fabrics will leave the guests enthralled with your creativity.

9. Jazz up your wardrobe

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Sandeep Gandhi Bungalow

P & D Associates

As everything in the house is undergoing a trendy makeover why should not your bedroom get a revamp too? If the wardrobes have a see through glass front then these lovely patterned decorations can give them a stylish twist. Some old plain silk saris also used to have simple patterns like these woven out of gold and silver which can be used if you have the right kind of fabric.

10. Imaginative patchwork beauties

Patchwork Quilt Sunflower DesignRaaga BedroomTextiles

Patchwork Quilt Sunflower


Making patchwork quilts, cushions, pillows etc., is a creative way of using old fabrics so that their original form and design is completely lost in the new design. These patchwork beauties can be used as throws on old chairs or beds to give an entirely new look to the house and make your guests wonder if these creations have been handmade or purchased.

Here are some more Tips for decorating the house for Diwali.

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