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Une Villa Qui a des Inspirations Italienne: Toscane, dmesure dmesure Mediterranean style houses
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We all should be entitled to a second chance, do not you think? This is what  professional the agency d.mesure  wanted to believe in this project for which they have invested limitless ideas into one space. The original building needed to be renovated and modernized but without damaging its strong identity or the beauty of the materials that compose it. So that's a balanced development where the interior designers opted to come up with different influences and eras, that are with this superb house, remains an exceptional setting!

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Old Stones and Pools

In order to make sure that is missing from this house with typical architecture of this region of northern Italy, a sumptuous swimming pool with remarkable dimensions completes the already splendid table. We better see the different buildings and their arrangement with each other. A superb terrace sheltered by a roof covered with Roman tiles offer a privileged space for the occupants to enjoy the beautiful surrounding landscape.

A Preserved Heritage

Facing the imposing facades in stone these two buildings, one is entitled to believe that the interior spaces are of the same ilk… But in reality, all modern comforts are introduced that remains fully up to standard and arranged with taste and talent by interior designers .

You can get a lot of more ideas for facade designs from this ideabook.

Ancient yet Modern

With the rise of minimized staircase, we see how modernity comes to integrate with old stones to create a stunning  interior with a rustic touch . The atmosphere is warm and friendly, and the memories and experiences of the dwelling are sublimated to create a current decoration referring to the know-how and the local terroir.  

As a respectful nod to the past, the ancestral upholstery tools and accessories are used to decorate the walls and corners of the huge house.

Sumptuous Cuisine

What about this splendid modern kitchen wearing this gorgeous arch in stone? The marriage between ancient and modern is here in perfect harmony. The rustic-style room is covered with a new luster making it look like a medieval banqueting hall. The mixture of chrome steel and reflecting shades with natural stone is particularly successful and brings an elegance of another kind. A wonderful sight!


This spacious room with an installed office against the bedhead, we are delighted to see the simplicity and purity of their lines. Here the development has been designed to bring the best value in the grand proportions of the space. That is why the bed is positioned at the center of the room to allow maximum fluidity of movement and get the room become functional and pleasant.

The Nursery

In this beautiful nursery, building history has also been preserved, as evidenced by the splendid roof framing and exposed beams. The playful option bunk beds, always popular with small, also frees up a vast floor space to allow children to play and scatter at will while keeping the other space for the bed comfortable and tidy.

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