Modern houses: 5 gorgeous small cozy homes

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Small living is an upcoming trend that has renewed many people's excitement about buying a home. These gorgeous tiny homes are great for reducing costs but still owning your own home. Many people also think that tiny living is relegated to small apartments in the city but these days you can also apply this concept to independent buildings. Today's technology allows you to have everything you need and want in a small area so you don't necessarily need all the space of a single family home. Below are five tiny homes that prove they can be just as beautiful and practical as a single family home!

Small and simple

Let's start things off with a simple home. If you really want to feel the essence of tiny living then you will love this small home with very little adornment on the exterior. A few windows still allow light to flow in but there is still enough wall space to hang art, get creative with the bedroom or add a lot of counter space in a kitchen. This home also focuses on having a larger backyard area to enjoy the outdoors rather than stay inside all the time. From the left side of the house you can see that this home features a little covered patio area to sit back and enjoy the beautiful view of the green mountains and church! This simple home is perfect for small country living and can fit your style!

Modern and cubist

For those who prefer a more modern design, tiny living is still a possibility! In fact, modern designs tend to be simpler to incorporate into tiny living because new home appliances are smarter and sleeker than ever, fitting nicely into the modern design scheme. This two-story home features a beautiful cubist design that incorporates both white concrete and hardwood into the facade of the home. This house is definitely one of the future and the interior is sure to hide important features in all the nooks and crannies, making tiny living so simple you won't even notice it! The white exterior also makes the home feel bigger than it actually is and helps to improve the idea of tiny living.

Long and lean

If you can't build a home that's wide, then build up! This small home is a perfect example of using the vertical air space to create a beautiful home. The use of cubist design allows for a more visually interesting architecture, distracting viewers from the size of the home. This home also uses different materials, brick and concrete, as well as different colors, burnt orange and white, to make a beautiful structure. Large windows allow a lot of light to brighten up the space and make the home seem even taller than it is.

Symmetry is key

The key to making anything look bigger is to mirror it. We use this in interior design with actual mirrors to make a room seem double the size. But you can also use this concept for the exterior of a home by making the two sides of the house very similar. This home, for example, is cube-shaped and features a divide down the middle that houses the front door and small balcony. On either side of this divide, the home stays with the clean, sharp lines of the rest of the design so that it looks very similar but not necessarily identical, though you could follow this route if you wanted. On this home, the left side has two horizontal windows and the right side features a vertical brick structure so it's not exactly the same but plays along the same lines.

Classic yet small

For those who like a more traditional feel, this can still be achieved when designing a small home. Using classic lines and materials, such as stucco and brick, you can achieve a more traditional home feel. This home also uses the bottom half of the home to features a lot of windows, inset with gray concrete around, to give the house more natural lighting and dimension. The upper part of the home is clean so that it can portray more of the traditional feel of the home. Wooden verandas on the front and sides of the home allow the homeowner to incorporate vines and flowers into the facade of the home in order to add to the traditional atmosphere of the home. An extensive outdoor area also makes the home seem larger than it is and gives people the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors!

Which one of the small cozy homes would you like to call your own? Or is your small house even more beautiful?

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