15 planters that are precious in not very large courtyards

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Beatrice Perlac - Adarve Jardines Modern garden
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 Even if you’re not an avid gardener, if you’re lucky enough to have a garden – of any size – it pays to make to the most of that precious outdoor space. However, this can be difficult if you don’t have a lot of garden to work with.

 Questions arise as to how the space can be best used, and how to balance form and functionality. You may want a patio for BBQs, a small pool, or a lawn for children to play, but simultaneously you wish for an attractive and ornate garden.

 Today we going to try and tackle this conundrum with our list of fifteen planters that are perfect for small gardens, allowing you to incorporate a beautiful flower bed into a functional garden.

1. A planter to frame the space

 A simple planter framing this grass courtyard adds another dynamic to the garden; making it far more attractive while barely infringing on the space.

2. Defining the area with stone

 A planter can be as simple as defining an area of the garden with stone, as with the above example that provides the garden with some much needed greenery.

3. Using planters to delimit areas of the garden

 Squeeze in a little greenery where you can by using planters to delimit the different areas of your garden.

4. Around by the pool

 If you have a pool but a small garden, then the solution for infusing your garden with some attractive potted plants may be to include planters around the pool’s edge. However, this solution may require some professional help.

5. Furnish furnishings with a planter

 If outdoor furniture takes up most of the space in your garden, then adorn your furniture by surrounding it with planters, and incorporate the furniture into the aesthetics.

6. Rows of plant pots

 Transform a small terrace space with rows of plant pots that will bring a bit of nature onto your balcony.

7. Plant high

 The sky’s the limit when it comes to creative garden design, as evidenced by these planters that sit neatly atop a fence.

8. Mix and match

 Even the smallest of spaces can be transformed by a little creative design, like incorporating a planter into a bench.

9. Multi-layered masterpiece

 Here planters intersect with benches at different levels to integrate the fencing, seating and greenery perfectly.

10. Plant where you can

 Make use of any available space to infuse your garden with greenery, such as the space by the stairs.

11. Adorn a patio with planters

 Frame your patio with foliage by adding a few well-placed planters.

12. Off the rails

 Replace railings with planters as boundaries for your terrace for a more attractive outdoor area.

13. In the front of the house

Make your home’s façade look fantastic with fauna arranged in a few long planters.

14. Bring nature onto your terrace

 Mix ground level planters with decking to give your terrace a more natural, garden like feel.

15. Get low

 Go for a ground level planter and fill it with smaller plants to create a great little green space that won’t obstruct an area that must remain open, such as a window.

 Check out these tips for creating the perfect garden for more handy garden advice.

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