5 stunning wall clock designs

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BLOTT ONE - Clock with Chain-operated Timer, BLOTT WORKS BLOTT WORKS HouseholdAccessories & decoration
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What's the time? It's time to bring in the clocks! Sometimes one wears time on their wrist and sometimes the time is available for all to see hangingon the wall or standing tall in a room. A clock gives the time but it also brings modernity and design into one's home. There are a few inspirations in the following article that will show an array of options to choose from when getting a clock.

Blue tile clock

Animated Reflective Tile Clock BLOTT WORKS HouseholdAccessories & decoration

Animated Reflective Tile Clock


A different type of clock can be that of a wall clock. The inventive design by Blott Works for this piece is that of an animated reflective tile clock that moves according the to time it shows. The metallic electric royal blue used for the tile is a calming but also a jazzy colour tone. This piece is an jaw-dropping kind of decorative piece as well as a stupendous time teller.

Ticking ingenuity

Front View of BLOTT ONE BLOTT WORKS HouseholdAccessories & decoration

Front View of BLOTT ONE


Here is an abstract and fascinating clock that is worthy of being called art. The creators of this clock have transformed the preconceived idea of what a clock might look like. It serves its first purpose which is to tell time but also presents an artistic and musical version of a clock. Little hand cymbals have also been added to the equation that will joyfully cling away at the owner's choice of alarm time.

Personalised grandfather clock

Grandfather clocks usually appear somber and imposing but the designers for this type of clock have revisited and revamped the idea of how a tall-case clock looks like. The idea is to opt for one of the presented clocks and then match it the decor at home. From the all-black to the zebra-like pattern, all these grandfather clocks can be personalised to the choosers desire. This leaves an impressive count of possibilities as well as keeping the tall-case clock style.

Berlin on vinyl

The imaginative idea behind this clock is to show the uniqueness and originality that springs from Berlin, It is a clear homage to the city since multiple of its monuments and building such as the Brandenburg gate, the Reichstag or Siegessäule have been cut out of this vinyl disk. This clock will stand as a true statement of originality and creativity in the room it hangs in.

Numeric clock

Black and White Clock Kibardin Design BedroomAccessories & decoration
Kibardin Design

Black and White Clock

Kibardin Design

Here is an innovative kind of numeric clock. The designers extrapolated the well-known digits that appear on a numeric clock into tangible reality. With this clock, one can literary hold numbers and time in their hand. When turned off , all that is shown is four 8 shaped digital numbers that once turned on will only light up the number that is the current time. This digital number clock is handy and cleverly inspired.

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