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During the colder season, having a place to warm up and rekindle is what a home should be like. A fireplace in a home will result into an inviting and homy space. A crackling fire will bring a comforting smell in the room as well as being a heating source. Nowadays, fireplaces can take various different shapes and greatly decorate the room they are in. Here are some riveting fireplace designs.

Centrepiece fire

A fire element can be a pleasant decorative item in a living room such as the one here. When less space is available, this centrepiece made of stone and fire becomes and welcoming decorative element as well as a mesmorising one. Also, this centrepiece is a wonderful and inexpensive solution when one wishes to have a fire element without the cost of a regular fireplace integrated into the wall.

Suspended fireplace

The rounded and oval shape of this fireplace is that of a minimalist and futuristic design. This fireplace seems to be floating above the ground and provides an elegant source of heat for the room. The choice of metal for the fireplace in this picture compliments accurately its surrounding such as the metal frame of the nearby doors as well as the glistening floor tiles and adjacent glass. This suspended fireplace is a wonderful addition to this living room.

Rustic feel

This fireplace promotes a rustic and cosy feel to the living room in this picture. The stone used for this rustic fireplace is a brilliant combination with the light toned brick walls, the wooden ceiling beams and the bared salmon rose tint slate roof tiles. There is an earthy tone to this living room that gives a calming and welcoming atmosphere. Once the fireplace is lit, it accentuates the rustic and congenial effect of this living room.

Modern fireplace

This distinct and beautiful fireplace has been constructed with a modern and minimalist approach. The opposite geometry of a circle within a square is quite enticing and will be even more once a fire is lit in it. There is an earthy tone to this room since stone used coordinates well with the wreath baskets beside it and the wooden beams behind it. Also, this modern fireplace doesn't take up much space in this room and it can be placed in either a small or in a bigger room.

Open fire

This picture is of original and inventive design for a fireplace. Two metal sheets have been moulded to look like fabric is being lifted away for all to admire the crackling fire within. This fireplace is a contemporary approach to a new kind of fireplace. The designers have opted for a straightforward design without frills or too many distractions so that all onlookers can revel in the beauty of this masterfully crafted fireplace.

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