19 fantastic ways to decorate the walls of your home.

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There are endless options when it comes to the decor of your home, but we often don't think of our walls beyond a couple of layers of paint. By decorating your walls you can completely change the look and feel of a space, making it cosy, cool, modern or retro, and when done right it will create a fantastic focal point for the room.

There are all sorts of ways to liven up your walls beyond the typical artwork and photo frames. You can experiment with textures and materials like wood panelling and plaster, or experiment with feature walls and colours, and our homify experts can help you no matter what direction you decide to go in.

So today we're going to make it easy for you to get some inspiration, with 17 ways to decorate your walls that you're going to absolutely love.

1. Use texture

Using texture is a simple but effective way to decorate a wall, giving it prominence and distinction. Here we can see recessed columns revealing a stone surface that's illuminated by spotlights. 

The detail of the lighting is key to the texture, creating dramatic shadows. This is a small space that demands attention, great if you wanted to explore the possibility of placing decorative elements like picture frames into the columns.

2. Clean plaster

Gypsum is one of the most used materials in decorating, as well as being used to create functional spaces in a house or apartment. In this case we see how the designer has built recessed shelves into the plaster; useful spaces that not only create a dynamic wall but serve as decoration in and of themselves. 

The individual lighting for each shelf gives clarity to the items you choose to display, but also simply looks great. Plaster is undoubtedly one of our favourite choices for its modern and versatile style.

3. A functional design

The recessed shelves seen above can be used for far more practical purposes than decoration alone, as we can see here with places for the television, a library, and even a work desk! 

Shelves are a great way to save space on unecessary furniture, and mean you can utilise the full height of the room.

4. Small dividers

Another great idea is to create walls or modular partitions, that in this photo come in the form of shelves. This divides the environment functionally, but connects it visually, increasing the sense of space.

5. Framing the focal point of the room

For a symmetrical style when decorating, you can effectively frame the TV or the fireplace with two rows of shelves, either placed on the walls or, again, you can build recesses with plaster. 

This form of decorating is simple and gives us endless possibilities, because while the shelves are fixed, we can change the decorations, plus it is always good to have wall space to store things or put decorative elements.

6. Forgotten corners

A great way to unify the decor in your home is to consider every corner, especially those we tend to forget all about, such as the corners on stairways or hallways. 

These inspired decorators have used a tiny shelf to place a bright and vibrant flower detail that really cheers the space up.

7. Floating cubes

Shelves are a great way to change our perception of the wall structure, without actually modifying it, and floating box shelves like these, enclosed on all sides and lit from the top, are a great way to add a little sophistication to your decor. 

LED lights are a good way to go for this, but you can find more lighting options here!

8. Colonial throwback

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Textured plaster will help you to achieve a classic colonial style, and a little exotic flair. Arches are typical of this style and they find expression here in yet more recessed shelving, but of course the possibilities are endless.

9. Say yes to colour

Playing with forms is not the only way to turn our walls into fantastic design pieces, we can also do magical things with colour. Feature walls are a great way to make a bold statement in a neutral room, and here we see that concept taken to an exciting new level with two complementary colours combining for an electric look.

10. A connection to outside

This is a really unique idea that looks just stunning. With a long, narrow passageway leading to an outside window we can turn the environment into a design feature all its own. Tied together with a vase of flowers, and an effect inspired by vanished points, this look innovatively blends the interior and exterior to create an elegant show piece.

11. A study in minimalism

If you like a sleek minimalist style this simple idea is very effective. Minimalism only works of your home is tidy, so extra shelf space is always a good idea. Place a simple single shelf in the wall, and the effect is understated, but impressive.

12. Fabulous bedheads.

Superficially extending the bedhead adds a little grandeur and luxury to the focal point of your bedroom. Try using recessed lighting instead of the traditional bedside lamp, and include dimmers for a little more control over the atmosphere.

13. Vibrant colours

Bold colours are a great way to add a little energy into a room, particularly important in work spaces and offices where you're putting in long hours. It's amazing how much of an effect bright colours will have on your mood, as we can see here with this fantastic yellow feature.

14. A natural interior

Stone is a great resource for walls, both as a building material, or as a design feature. This wall, built from river stones, and completed by a small pool of pebbles, gives the impression this house was built right into the mountainside. This is a great example of how a feature wall can function as a work of art, and the natural element will inspire wellbeing and reflection.

15. Style and utility

A shelf connected to the foundations of your house is a sleek way to reduce clutter, and gives you plenty of extra surface area for ornaments or knick knacks. It's also a great place to toss your keys and your wallet when you get back from work, ensuring they'll be ready for you first thing in the morning.

16. For art lovers

For your very own private art exhibit dedicate a corridor to your favourite pieces. Recessed frames will allow you to add hidden light fixtures that will ensure the works get the prominence of place they deserve.

17. Order and harmony

This creative shelving unit allows us to keep everything tidy and in perfect order, while still looking fun and quirky due to the offset levels.

18. A wall of wine

Nothing says class like a good wine collection, so don't be afraid to put it on display! Use rich dark colours that will complement the deep burgundies and rouges found within the bottle, and you'll have a stylish wall decoration, and never be caught short by unexpected company.

19. Delimiting space

It's important in studio apartments not to close spaces off, making the home feel small and cramped, but at the same time you still want to separate functionality. A grea way to do this is with partial walls that operate as room dividers, as we see here with a clear definition between the living and dinging rooms. These shelves are a great place to add further decoration as we can see with this owner's eclectic collection.

So many fantastic ways to liven up your home! For more great ideas to help you decorate without breaking the bank check out this article.

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