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Inspirational Diwali decoration Ideas from Celebrities in Mumbai

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From the end of Dusheera itself most households start gearing up for Diwali, which is the last grand festival of the year. All members of the family get together for spring cleaning every nook and cranny of the entire house. Most old stuff is thrown off with hopes of getting new replacements! Everyone splurges on gifts for themselves and others and it is not uncommon for budgets to go haywire.

Markets too are full of attractive and colorful decorations ranging from traditional clay lamps to paper lamps and glittery festoons that entice people to go overboard. This is also the season when retailers and manufacturers offer tempting discounts on every possible tangible to break even the strongest resolutions. We are here with tips from celebrities in Mumbai saying how to manage your Diwali decoration budget with ideas and tips some of which can be done at home and some may require advice of professional designer to make the right choice

Decorate your walls

Most people that can afford it try to apply a fresh coat of paint to their exteriors and interiors every year before Diwali for a brighter home. Sometimes by just painting one wall or only a couple of rooms you can give a festive look to the house. We love the textured wall finish given here that transforms the living room when it is matched up with decorative sofas and trendy lighting arrangements.You can either do the painting yourself or employ the services of a professional decorator like The Silversea to get an enchanting finish like the one here.

Give a traditional twist to furnishings

Changing drapes and furnishings like cushions, upholstery, bed linen, table covers, mats etc is the easiest way to give a colourful look to your home this Diwali. While old silk and crepe sarees with exquisite embroidery can be used to give a new look to old quilts or bedcovers, you can also purchase a whole range of furnishings in traditional, ethnic and international designs to suit the look. If the upholstery on the sofa is fairly new then get new cushions and pillows that enhance the festive mood.

Upgrade your living room with a new focal piece

Bored of the old walls and decor items in your living room and dining area? Why not get a focal piece for either of these public areas which can also become a conversation piece every time there are new guests in the house. The humble lotus flower never ceases to enchant onlookers whether it is growing in a muddy lake in a jungle or in a well kept pond in the backyard. This enchanting wall mural designed with pictures of colorful purple lotus amid golden yellow leaves attracts poets and artists alike to its mesmerizing presentation of natural beauty. It can lend bold elegance to any modern living room through its rich dark texture and contemporary design.

DIY Diwali decorations

Diwali is the time for showcase your creative abilities by in multiple ways be it putting together multiple pieces of decorations, painting clay diyas , making ragolis, candle stands, etc. See these lovely DIY decorations that can be hung on windows and doors to retain festive air for a long time in the house. Most of the things used in these DIY decorations like beads, stuffed animals, satin riboons and even tiny umbrellas can be purchased at the market or local craft store and can be put together according to your taste. You can even put together broken pieces of glass and old beads to create wall murals and floor decorations to make inexpensive floor art for placing colored lamps on Diwali.

Dinner-set or Glassware? Make your choice

Diwali is incomplete without a few new additions to the kitchen. So what is on your mind this year? A designer dinner set or a lovely set of wineglasses, why not a set of handcrafted crystal bowls to impress guests? The possibilities are endless and can be fulfilled at the nearest superstore and now is the best time with most of them offering crazy discounts and gifts on every purchase.

Here are some more Inexpensive tips on Diwali renovation.

Which ideas did you like the most? Do let us know your views in your comments below.
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