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Modern and elegant! How to use stone in your environment

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For centuries, stone has been used in homes, because the versatile material not only adds a lovely natural element to an area but also is incredibly strong. It can be used for cladding walls, or as counter tops, decoration and much more.

In this ideabook, we’ve put together 8 different ways that you can use stone in your home.

​Clad a wall

A stone-clad wall opposite the entrance door adds a sophisticated look to the area, especially when it is set on a bed of white pebbles. Spotlights placed in the pebble bed can be focused on the stone structure to introduce play of light and shadow. In this home, the wall serves as visual separator between the entrance hallway and the living room.

​Pave the garage

For garages as well as driveways, cobblestones are both practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. They are weather proof and easy to clean. In addition, stone has the strength to bear the weight of vehicles without crumbling.

​Earthy flooring

Stone tiles can be a maintenance-free option for the flooring in your home, besides adding a lovely earthy element to the interiors. Choose from warm sand tones or cool grey ones to complement or contrast the décortheme.

​Hardy flooring for passageways

Passageways in the home, whether it’s the one that leads from the garage into the home or from the main entrance into the living spaces, have to deal with a lot of foot traffic and can get worn out easily. Instead of having to replace them every few years, using a long lasting paved stone floor is a good option.

​Decorative background

Using stone to clad the background wall where you place the television or behind the desk in your study adds a textural element to the walls, providing relief from the smoothness of the white walls all around. In this home, the stone complements the wood on the desk to create a cosy and stylish space.

​Wall art

Using lighting and stone cladding, you can create a modern work of art on your walls. Spotlights placed at the bottom of the wall are focused upwards to highlight the texture as well as create shadows that add an interesting element to the home’s interiors.

Elegance in the bath

Stone counter tops add an element of luxury in a bath. Choose a colour that matches with the rest of the bathroom décor. The lovely polished stone with sand and pink tones flecked with stunning grains adds sophistication to this bathroom, elevating it from plain to plush.

​Granite in the kitchen

Polished granite is the hardiest material that you can use for kitchen counters. It’s strong, easy to clean and has a lovely shine that adds to the aesthetics of the space. While black granite is the most popular option in Indian kitchens, you can even choose lighter shades to complement the colour scheme of your home.

For more tips on using stone in your home, see this ideabook.

How would you use stone in your home? Comment to let us know.
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