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Once a relic of a bygone era, cut crystal is ubiquitous with wedding gift registries and grandma’s glass vitrine, holding pieces of stunningly intricate cut glass that were fetched and used for ‘best’, if at all—however, thanks to the boom of inspiration from Mad Men and Downton Abbey, this luxury material is back in vogue, and appearing throughout chic urbane homes and apartments. No longer are gorgeous decanters collecting dust in the basement or stifled in trunks, considered purely as precious heirlooms—cut crystal has made a comeback and is suitable for almost every domestic space. 

Check out the following helpful hints and get some inspiration to update, renew and refresh your home with pieces of cut crystal and glass. Ensure your abode is illuminated, dazzling and 'on-trend' with the great examples below.

Mix and match

Time to head to your local thrift store—these shops are teeming with old crystal relics from yesteryear, not to mention loads of cut-glass and coloured decorative decanters. If you find it hard to pick just one, why not pick them all? This example shows how a mix and match of different glassware can actually work in harmony with on another—sure, you may want to limit it to, say, five pieces of crystal, but use your imagination and get excited.

The statement decanter

If you only buy one piece of cut-crystal, it has to be a decanter—whether for whisky, wine or water, a decanter is an item that will stand the test of time and create glamour and elegance wherever it is used. Coming in all shapes and sizes, the only limit is your imagination (and possibly credit card). Choose something that is comfortable to handle, attractive to look at, and most of all, some thing you love. A good decanter is an heirloom item, something special you will have for most of your life, until perhaps you choose to pass it on to someone special.

Colourful tableware

These days crystal and glass come in numerous different patterns, styles and indeed colours, from green to blue, yellow to red and even black—every hue is available, and there is always something to suit your taste and style. This example shows how coloured glass can be incorporated seamlessly into the space by ensuring the surrounding colour palette is muted and crisp. The standout features are the contrasting black and white dining chairs, lively floral display, and of course the delightful drinkware.

Cut glass chandelier

The cut glass chandelier is as timeless as crystal itself—from luxury palaces to modern living spaces, the chandelier is an item that is both function and profusely glamorous. Consider a chandelier in your space to give a sense of opulence, lavishness, and dazzling style.

Timeless dinnerware

Often it can be difficult to know how to incorporate your crystal or cut glass dinnerware in a way that is sympathetic to the surrounding decor, and also in a way that utilises the pieces in the correct and most valuable fashion. Here, simple crystal glasses are combined with rich table linen in blue and green tones—the stylish vintage cutlery coordinates perfectly with the glassware, and the rich botanic theme is displayed with a table runner constructed from foliage. Ensure you combine your lovely dinner setting with some crystal or glass tea light holders for that rich sense of romance and a stylishly opulent dinner party.

Bathroom opulence

When seeking to create a bathroom space that is restful, relaxing but most importantly impressive and magnificent, consider a crystal chandelier to add a huge volume of brilliance, dynamism and above all, create a space fit for a king or queen. Coordinate with antique white or cream walls, white plush towels and gold embellishment for a space that screams royal extravagance.

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