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Renovation Trick: Simplicity Always Wins

Leigh Leigh
St Albans The White House Interiors Modern living room
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This before and after is going to blow your socks off today!

We are going to witness how design professionals The White House Interiors have performed a miracle. They've taken an old, dilapidated, ruined and run down home and turned it into a gorgeous, light and modern home that is a delight just to look at.

As we explore the before and after images of this home, we will also see how important it is to maintain a home, keeping it clean, freshly painted and well-looked after. 

We will also see how natural light can play such a big role in a fresh and modern home, even if the house isn't that large.

Are you ready to take a look?

Before: The horror

As we can see in this image, the house was in a seriously bad shape. The floors are ruined, the walls are a terribly old-fashioned yellow colour and there is an old sheet covering the window.

There has been no maintenance or care in this space. The walls are in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint, the floors need a vacuum to say the least and the light bulb needs to be changed.

Do you see what a state of disrepair a home can fall into if not looked after?

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Before: Very old-fashioned

In this image, we can see how old-fashioned the home was before the renovation. The light hanging from the ceiling is the total give away, showing how long it has been since the home received a modern touch.

Again the colour palette is also completely washed out and outdated, doing nothing to enhance this space.

Before: A dusty canvas

The living room is in the saddest state with, yet it has so much potential. There is fresh air and sunshine flowing through it thanks to the large glass doors, but it is completely under-utilized.

The flooring here is very decrepit. Your flooring is one of the most important parts of your home, forming the foundation of everything. If it looks dirty, dusty and run down like this floor, your home is a foundation for disaster.

Would you want to live in a house like this?

After: A whole new world

It's very difficult to imagine that this is the same home that we have explored so far. 

Everything has been revamped and renovated so that this new, refreshing and modern home barely resembles the previous images.

The designers have revamped the floors, installing very trendy, savvy and durable wood or laminate. Wooden floors are very easy to clean, last for years and years and look fabulous too, which is why they make for such a great option. 

The open plan design of the home makes the space feel that much more spacious and expansive, with the kitchen, dining room and living room merging into one another. 

The neutral colour palette enhances the natural light that flows into the home. Don't you love the  white furniture and kitchen cabinets , which match the floor?

After: Some sophisticated charm

The designers have maintained the neutral colour palette throughout the home, making for a very elegant interior design. 

The replaced windows and doors fill the home with light, while the beige and sandy tones bring warmth and earthy tones to the home.

We can see that artwork and decor pieces have been carefully chosen, bringing some charm and personality to the space. The black and white photograph on the wall is subtle yet very classic. This is a great example of how personal items such as family photographs or artwork can make a home unique and special. 

The glass bowl of green pears on the table bring a touch of natural decor to the dining area. This is a great tip! You can also opt for a vase of flowers or a pot plant. But the orange chairs make the biggest statement.

After: The cozy bedroom

This bedroom has done a full transformation and you'll be pleased to see the old-fashioned chandelier has been replaced with a much more modern, edgy and trendy design!

The colour palette has been modified, with beautiful grey and white tones brought into the space. This makes for a very tranquil and appealing little haven where the residents can truly escape from the rest of the world. A little bit of vibrancy and colour have been added to the room in the form of bright, patterned cushions. This is a great tip! 

The cushy grey throw and thick white linen brings quality and comfort to the space, which is enhanced by the natural light that flows through the large glass windows. Do you see how natural light plays such a big role in changing the look and feel of the interior design?

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After: An elegant bathroom

We end off our tour in the bathroom. While we didn't see what the previous bathroom looked like before the renovation, we can guess that it wasn't so appealing.

This is why the designers have chosen instead to use tiles, which look like granite, throughout this new and improved space. Tiling is budget-friendly while still bringing a very luxurious air to a room, especially when it looks like granite as this one does. Tiles are also very easy to clean and wipe dry, lasting for years to come.

The grey patterned tiles contrast beautifully with the very sleek and modern bathroom features including the long, narrow basin and the very chic shower. You'll also notice that there are no personal products scattered around this space. It is an area that is cared for and looked after, with personal items stored neatly away.

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