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With winter in full swing it can often be challenging to imagine or remember the beauty and warmth of a summery sun shining in through the window, or perhaps a fresh spring breeze coupled with budding leaves that are beginning to adorn the street trees outside. Winter is grim, grisly and gloomy, the birds have stopped singing and getting out of bed in the morning is a ghastly and intimidating task—time to bring some of that spring sparkle back into your domestic space and turn that bleak and bare ambience into a bright, luminous and radiant space. The solution is simple, botanical elements and adornments. 

Change up the atmosphere of your abode with springtime additions, decorations and embellishments, think vivid wallpapers, bright throw cushions, and stylish verdant themed furniture. Peruse the following chic examples and set your inner flower child free with some jazzy botanical themed home decor.

Vivid wallpaper design

Bring nature inside with this outrageously exciting flora and fauna wallpaper. Have fun bird spotting in your very own home, while you enjoy the bold vivacity of this intricate and magnificent pattern. Certainly not for a muted interior decor, this design just shrieks excitement and fervour. Combine this design with vintage timber furniture, mid-century curios, luxe metallic decorations and a good spattering of indoor plant life, for a space that evokes true jungle-esque beauty and style.

Flora and fauna throw cushions

Perhaps bold wallpaper is a little too much for your taste, maybe you want something that is bright and bold with the potential for versatility and movement within your home. Look at employing some botanical themed bright throw cushions—they will enhance your space whilst offering a more subtle and changeable aesthetic within your space.

Pretty palms

For that true natural and botanical interior essence, why not add a piece of furniture that embodies the outdoors in every sense of the word? This wonderfully inventive piece of furniture takes its cues from mid-century style and adds a 1940’s funky palm themed fabric with natural carved wooden armrests and feet. Simply add polished timber floorboards, contrasting dark or wallpapered surround, industrial light fitting and tribal antiques for a space that evokes an organic sense of style and a rich boldness.

Delicate and subtle hints of nature

Sometimes a little hint of botanical print can enliven and enhance a space through its minimalism and subtlety—this is one such example, perfectly crafted ceramic bowl come plate with a delicate floral botanic image. Use this wonderful decoration to store jewellery, keys, coins, or anything else you may think of, and it will invigorate your space with a hint of botanical refinement.

Bold and exciting

Who doesn’t remember frolicking in their garden collecting dandelions that had gone to seed, and using every ounce of lung strength blowing them up into the sky, only to race around trying to catch each seed as it is whisked away by a spring breeze? These days we rarely get time to romp or cavort around outside, often we do not have a garden, ordinarily most of us have become urbanites living the city ‘dream’ in a cramped studio apartment. Well, daydream no longer and start infusing botanical themed decor into your home—this wonderful example shows how you can mimic the beauty of a dandelion in your domestic space with several patterned throw cushions. Simply add bright turquoise sofa, matching dandelion rug and a scattering of colourful pillows, for a space that evokes nature and playful style.

Bedroom blossoms

If you are looking for something individual, take a look at this clever and luxurious set up—a blossom mural covers the feature wall of the bedroom, while the rich tan upholstered bedhead coordinates perfectly. Add deep cobalt blue walls to the surrounding spaces and you will have a little secret botanical hideaway in your very own home.

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