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Forget about that dated Wild West influenced decor—cowhide is a serious participant in 2015’s interior design trends. Cowhide or cow inspired print is probably not the first thing you think of when deciding to update the decor of your home, but this versatile and increasingly timeless pattern can offer a stylish and hardwearing alternative to other more common prints. This natural product, or by-product of the food industry from cattle, can these days be made artificially to be just as hardwearing as its natural counterpart and feel impossibly real. Cowhide offers many features that other rugs and furniture do not. Firstly there is a myriad of different colours and styles available; secondly, it is one of the most durable textiles available, standing up to stains, heavy foot traffic and constant wear and tear like no other material. 

If you are looking for a new and exciting addition to your home that is in vogue and on-trend, look no further than a cowhide rug—whether your preference is real or faux, take a look at the below examples and find a statement piece for your house or apartment.

Neutral and contemporary

This stunningly modern bedroom blends stark contemporary elements such as a polished floor and floor to ceiling windows with softer elements including plush textiles and wild fabrics. The cowhide rug dominates the area, coordinating perfectly with the glossy white floor yet standing out on its own and offering the room a sense of natural style and warmth.

Traditional with a twist

When a rug is a little too much, try an elegant and traditional armchair upholstered in a muted cowhide print fabric. This example displays the contrasting perfection between heritage style and modern pattern, which in turn allows the room a sense of sophistication and chic class. Add this chair to almost any style of home, but particularly rooms with a muted colour scheme and dark contrasting hues.


Perhaps you want that hint of the wild without committing to a significant investment in furniture or rugs; consider injecting a little natural beauty in the form of a throw cushion. This pillow provides a great example of how cowhide can be incorporated into the home subtly, while retaining a strong a fashionable presence within the home or apartment.

The refined workspace

This office has it all, long white draped curtains, statement lighting, designer furniture and to top it all off, a gorgeous cowhide rug. Emulate this design in your own home with parquetry flooring, contemporary chandelier, and muted antique white walls for a workspace that is set up for success.

Bedroom sophistication

Do you crave a sense of wild rambunctiousness in your bedroom, an atmosphere of rustic desire fused with modern detail and stark contrasting hues? This is the bedroom that combines all of those elements and more, modern wall art adorns the space above the bed, while vintage curios sit either side in custom made bookshelves. A modern classic, the banana lounge is poised to enjoy the outside vista while the cow print rug excels in its bid to tie the room together through its light and dark contrasting pigments.

The statement piece/s

Go bananas with not one but two statement banana lounges, perfectly dressed in individual cow print to jazz up your home and ensure your space stands out from the rest. Paired or together or separated, these chairs work perfectly when coordinated with white walls, dark timber floorboards and streaming natural light.

Storage with style

What better way to store your accessories and bedroom appurtenances than a gorgeous cowhide covered trunk? This delightfully attractive piece of furniture is as useful as it is versatile. Place it in your sleeping quarters, lounge room or even hallway—this item is destined to become an heirloom and a conversational furniture piece.

More is more

Natural Hide Rocking Chair puji Modern living room Sofas & armchairs

When one piece of cowhide furniture just isn’t enough, why not get the whole kit and caboodle? This room illustrates how you can employ a single print multiple times and still create a space that is interesting and rich in style. Combine your cowhide furniture with a beige or tan colour palette, some metallic accessories and raw timber floorboards for a room that is rustic and trendy.

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