5 small but fabulous bathrooms

Rita Deo Rita Deo
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Small and narrow bathrooms throw innumerable challenges to creativity of bathroom designers and those that emerge victorious end up creating the best designs of their career and lifelong clients that recommend them to everyone. Besides having in-depth knowledge about materials available in the market that can fit into the available area, designer should also have realistic ambitions about aesthetics. Whether a bathroom is being created from scratch or is being renovated it requires a fair amount of experience and knowledge about plumbing, aesthetics and effect of lighting to get achieve perfection. Here are five of the best small bathroom designs from Homify that can meet challenges of budget and space and also match users’ expectations.

Sunny glow

Brightness is always the last priority in a small bathroom and as such they end up looking dingy and cramped. But that is not a problem in this sparking bathroom lit with smartly placed vanity and bathtub to save space. Though traditionally storage areas are placed below the vanity area, having a floating one helps to free floor space and also increases visual range of user.  Cheerful yellow tiles increase the brightness of the bathroom that is otherwise an all white region.

Simple industrial style

The elegance and minimalism of industrial design has to be seen to appreciate it like this stylish bathroom. By using color palette of just three colors the bathroom designer has managed to create an area that is both aesthetically pleasing and relatively spacious despite the scarcity of space. As sharp corners are a design hazard in tight spaces, a uniquely shaped vanity is used here with a hand towel rack for a stylish touch.

Colorful canvas

The rectangular shape of the bathroom has been used to full advantage by creating neat spaces for all essentials in the 
region. Pigeonholes in the wall serve as space saving niches for toiletries while neutral color palette gives illusion of space. The single uplifting feature of this compact bathroom is the tiled wall with combination of tiles in multiple shapes and patterns which are all in complimentary shades of blue and yellow.

Skylight in the bathroom

Creating a bathroom in the loft can be a tricky business with a sloping roof and limited space but that has not hampered the
creativity of designers here. Nothing can compare the joy of watching flowers and birds chirping overhead when one is having a bath. The problem of low roof has been turned into an advantage here by setting up bathroom skylights just above the bathtub that increases illusion of space.

Wall with colorful moons

The trendy bathroom here is a bright and cheerful region with an entire wall devoted to colorful moons of varied sizes.
The other sections are in simple shades of white and deep pink that provide a perfect foil for the bright multi-hued wall. Floating wooden counter carries out twin responsibilities of supporting the wash basin and adding stylish storage area to the tiny bathroom.

If you need some more inspiration to renovate your small bathroom here are few more ideas to explore.

Which bathroom idea did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below.

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