10 Facades with Gardens that look like movies

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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First impression is assumed to last long! This golden rule is applicable everywhere, whether it is a meeting with someone, visiting a new place, or a new home. 

Time and again, architects have tried to give their best when it came to the facade of the house. For all of them, one thing has always worked and that is the garden in front of a house. 

Wood, brick, stone, glass, or metal, whatever, you chose to go with, greenery in the front of your house will always work. 

Here are some spectacular façade designs all set to take your breath away.

​Different materials

The beauty of this well-planned façade lies in the garden surrounding it. The lofty entrance and the woodwork brings out the natural charm of the house. Offering a contrast to the white walls are green plants in varying sizes. 

The glory of the house is truly maintained by the greenery outside.

​Simple Elegance

Use of grass bed in front of the house is utterly charming. Adding to the geometric shape of the house are small plants on each side. 

Overall the garden adds elegance and minimalism to the house.

​Mixing elements

Very few architects go with water elements in the facade of the house, but the architect here took it as a dare with utmost confidence. Clean and simple geometrical shapes go incredibly well with the grass bed. While the building represents country style, the water element is perfectly mixed with earthy delights.

​Blending the landscape

 The facade of this house blends into the landscape effortlessly. Neutral tones of the house allow it mix with the surrounding, which is full of greenery. To us, it feels like a dream vacation house.

Rustic gardens

Rustic style residence with water garden homify Rustic style garden

Rustic style residence with water garden


The rustic cottage style house sits amidst dense woods. To add more natural flavors, there is a man-made stream, water garden, and a waterfall. It is a completely eco-friendly house, holding ultimate elegance in every corner.

​Traditional façade

This is more of a traditional garden ruling the façade of the house. We love the way it holds the colorful charm within. Lilac to cherry red, the warm color of the house is adorned with beautiful flowers all around. 

White country style chairs arranged in front of the house offer a chance to sip the morning coffee in fresh air. The house has two huge circles surrounded by different types of plants.

​Glorious Façade

Again, the charm of the house has been elevated by the greenery around it. The entire area is filled with the blessing of Mother Nature. Around the nude shades of the house are small and big shrubs without much chaos. It’s the placement that makes the façade so captivating.

​Modern Facade

Photo from the rear of the garden towards the elevation of the new development Cowen Garden Design Modern garden
Cowen Garden Design

Photo from the rear of the garden towards the elevation of the new development

Cowen Garden Design

This garden is developed in link with the modern façade, and it imparts a calming look to the whole surrounding. The edgy dimensions of the house complement with utter perfection. This garden is linked to almost every part of the house, making it easily accessible.

Green Setting

MEERA SKY GARDEN HOUSE Guz Architects Modern houses
Guz Architects


Guz Architects

Speaking of about natural essence, this house is filled with the colors of nature all around. The grass beds have been added at the entrance, the terrace, and even the roof top.

Country house

Orangery For A Country House Vale Garden Houses Classic style conservatory Wood Beige conservatory,orangery,garden room,glass house,rooflight,roof lantern,glass,glazing
Vale Garden Houses

Orangery For A Country House

Vale Garden Houses

This country house has included green charms in all the levels of the house. Small gardens are included in every corner with supreme perfection.

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