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2015 is the International Year of Light—a year to raise awareness of how optical technologies encourage sustainable growth and deliver solutions to worldwide challenges in energy, education, agriculture, communications and health. UNESCO has deemed the goal of 2015 to highlight to the citizens of the world the importance of light in their lives—for their futures, their health and for the development of society. It is for this reason today that we highlight the benefits and advancements in lighting technology and its ability to drastically affect the home and work environment. Gone are the days of the simple unexciting incandescent globe, lighting our homes with its stale and unalterable glow. These days there are myriad choices available—to not only add warmth and inviting illumination, but also to act as a showpiece and an attraction in both design and ambience. 

Check out the following great examples of statement lighting that will make 2015 a truly memorable year of light.

Multiple hanging colour

An excellent example of an updated and modernised incandescent globe, this wonderful hanging trio of lights works wonders for many different living situations. Place this statement piece above a dining table, over a bedside table or simply in your lounge room for a space that is colourful, enthusiastic and evokes a sense of energy.

Lighting for the floor

Who says lights have to hang from the ceiling or sit on a table? These days lighting is limited only by one's imagination, and with multiple styles and designs, it can be easy to find something that makes a statement. Sit these illuminated spheres in a dark corner of the room to brighten your space and make it shine.

The chandelier

A rustic take on the traditional chandelier, this piece is attention grabbing and stylish. Infuse some raw, wild attitude into your domestic space and place this above a rough timber dining table with contemporary seating and smoky glass accessories.

The statement globe

When you don’t feel like incorporating a chandelier as your statement light fitting, but want something reminiscent of that old-fashioned class and style, opt for a quirky and truly gorgeous miniature chandelier encased within a traditional incandescent globe. This baroque styled chandelier is subtle and alluring and will have your guests lining up to take a peek. Hang one alone, or a trio for maximum eclectic effect.

Dining table glow

Finding the right lighting for a dining setting can be difficult. Firstly, determine the ambience and atmosphere desired, then choose a fitting that suits your chosen aesthetic—this statement light illustrates a long and eclectic centrepiece, acting as an art piece in its own right, while providing the space with a soft and subtle glow, perfect for large group dining and or a romantic rendezvous.

Industrial and rustic

The standalone lamp, perfect for almost any area of the home, provides flexibility, versatility and a sense of subtle self-confidence. This style of lamp will work wonders in almost any decor or home, simply coordinate with vintage objet d’art, cute curios and fresh white walls for a statement light fitting that is practical and hard-wearing.

Creative wall mount

This uber-chic contemporary design draws inspiration from retro light fittings and makes a statement with its minimal yet striking form. If one isn’t enough, double up, paint a colourful feature wall and place a lamp on either side of the bed for sleeping quarters that are fashionable and unforgettable.

DIY chic

If you are looking for a simple or easy solution to statement lighting in your home, then consider a DIY project. Simply purchase some light globe fittings from your local hardware store, collect or find some vintage jars, and you will have yourself a homemade centrepiece that expresses your creativity and provides a subtle and gentle glow.

Metallic candles

Finally, statement lighting would not be complete without the mention of candlelight. Often neglected in the face of more modern and handy alternatives, candlelight offers a soft and subtle glow perfect for friendly dinners, romantic nights in and restful bathrooms. Consider making a statement with your next candle by placing it in a luxurious metallic holder that is sophisticated and contemporary.

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