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600 ft² Of Design Perfection And Personality

Genista Jurgens Genista Jurgens
Cristiane Bergesch Arquitetura e Interiores Modern
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The bright and cheerful style of this small apartment should put a smile on everybody's faces. The aesthetic of Cristiane Bergesch (of the architectural and interior firm responsible for styling this home) is optimistic, playful and infectious. It's also impressive the design team have created such a unique look in only a small amount of space. With only 300 ft² this home is split over two levels, which leaves many rooms pokey, awkward and difficult to furnish. 

As we take a look through you will see how they have managed to make everything work. Actually more than that, they have made this home seem like it was built to look like it does. This property is charming, elegant and full of magical touches. So let's take a peek and discover some of them!

A Lively Living Room

You can see perfectly the exquisite taste of the designer here in the downstairs living room. A colourful, energetic painting takes centre stage, tying all the different colourful elements around the room together. That boldly patterned chair is also something special, but would be too much if it wasn't balanced by the cream sofa and rug. Now that is colour blocking done right! 

Creating An Impression

The feature wall in this case is not a brightly painted wall, but one lined with wooden panels boards instead. Not only is it a great back drop for the television, but as you will soon see, it is echoed in other areas of the house…

Also those incredible stools help create the impression this is one happy and vibrant household. They perhaps also say something about the designer's flamboyant cultural heritage (she is based in São Paulo, Brazil). 

The Bare Essentials…

The kitchen that sits off to the side of the living room is tiny. So you can see why it was really important to keep this room as basic and as functional as possible. Most of the space is taken up by a long L-shaped bench with a built-in gas stove. Surfaces are kept simple and minimal as not to crowd the space.

… With Extra Flavor

The signature colourful details may be absent from the kitchen, but that doesn't say that this kitchen is boring. That extra flavour is still there with the patchwork wooden panelling on the wall, similar to that we saw in the living room. Repeating details like this ties two separate rooms together, if you don't have the space to do it with furniture. 

Everything In It's Place

Planning the positions and placement of furniture or accessories is paramount in a room this size. Every centimetre must be used wisely; every shelf thought about. Even what side the refrigerator door opens on needs to be considered. Details, details, details! 

That Little Extra Bit

Like the kitchen, it is best to keep a bathroom this size functional and practical. You can't afford to add frilly, unnecessary details here! But also like in the kitchen, every piece included in this room is high quality, well thought out and designed perfectly. The vanity is just the right size for the width of the room, and that huge wash basin makes sure luxury hasn't been forgotten. 

The Work Of A Master

Again, the instantly recognisable colourful paintings make another appearance, this time saving the master bedroom from being too plain. Because of it's restrictive size, the furnishings, curtains, linen and walls had to stay light. But as this designer/decorator is a master of her craft, she has included slightly varying tones to keep it interesting. And then broken it all up with the pink and red artwork placed above the bed. Genius!

Keeping With The Theme

And upstairs we also have that little bit more. A little bit room; a little bit more colour. This is a bonus room with sunlights, plenty of windows and a sliding glass door that opens up onto a balcony. It's also where we see that natural wood being used once more, similar to downstairs. Here it acts as an outer layer on the cupboards and as different pieces of furniture dotted around the room. Beautiful cohesion.

Signed With A Signature Style

And on the other end of the upstairs room we see the designer's signature style once more: a vivid painting accompanied by a colorful character. It's these wonderful little touches of personality that bring this home to life and make it a wonder to tour through. The last thing on our minds is that it is only 600 ft²! 

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