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10 Bedroom Ideas for That Perfect Sleep

Ruqaiyya Hussain Ruqaiyya Hussain
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You hear the sound of the alarm, which is irritating anyways, you awake, you check the time on Monday and you know you have to go to work within 2 hours but… you are tired, you don't want to wake up and get out of the bed!

We all have been through this situation and it is not fun. Having a good morning ritual can make you productive, improve your health, mood, and energy level for the rest of the day. And yes, it is easier if you are ready to change your bedroom, a little bit! Here are the top tips from professional designers that can make it easier for you to wake up on Mondays without doing much. Read them and get ready for the new week.

1. Open the Blinds before you Sleep

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Alag Interior

create your unique world

Alag Interior

Leaving your blinds of the bedroom at night means it will allow the early sunrise to wake you up. Most of the people have a hard time sleeping in bright light and on the other hand, a dark room with blindfolded is a great den for sleep. The sun will remind your body that it is day time and you awake and get energized. However, take care that not your bedroom is too bright at night as it might prevent you from sleeping.

2. ​Place Your Alarm Clock Away From Your Bed

Placing your alarm clock across the room will force you to get out of the bed and turn it off. Since, getting out of the bed is one of the most hardest part of waking up, getting out of the bed quickly to turn the clock off increases the likelihood of starting your day rather than going back to sleep. Placing an alarm clock near your bed is synonymous to snoozing and sleeping longer. Once you are out of bed, it's usually easier to stay up and get your day going.

3. Avoid Bedroom under Highly Active Areas

Active areas might include restroom, kitchen or entertainment room where the other family members will be active instead of sleeping. For instance, your bedroom is right under a TV room then your sleep might be interrupted if someone is watching TV or if it is under the restroom then whenever someone flushes, you will be awakened. Keep the location safe for yourself. 

4. Go for lots of Natural lights

'Your body relies on natural light as its cue to snap. The more windows you have near your bed, the better it will be for you. Sunlight entering your room will start the biological clock which will keep you motivated to get a better start of the day by waking up on time.

5. Place your bedhead against the Wall

Having your bedhead against the wall provides a natural feel of security and helps you fall asleep easier. This in returns makes you feel completely relaxed and full of freshness in morning.

6. Place Coffee Bar within the Bedroom

Apart from imparting an incredibly luxurious feeling of strolling across the room to make yourself an espresso, the scents of brewing coffee tends to lure even the most die hard sleepers rush out of their beds. Just place a small coffee maker within your room on a table and the essential nearby to get a happier start.

7. Set up your Reading corner

Whether you are a tech freak or into a habit of reading blogs of magazines, a few minutes of reading in early morning helps to ease out the transition between full speed and slumber moves. If you have space then place a book holder and if you don't have it, your bedside drawers will work anyways. You can also set a chair nearby to make the move easier. 

8. Do not hang anything over the bed

How do you feel if you have a hanging lamp or chandelier right over your head while sleeping? While having such hangings is a usual sight but it should be known that you might not feel safe if that thing is hanging right above your head, low in height. Either place it somewhere else or increase the height of hanging.

9. Using dim lights

The key to waking up early morning is to sleep on time and sleep hard for the fixed hours. Using dim lights in your bedroom will not get you distracted even if your partner is working late. Use lights that are soothing, calming and do not hinder the vision.

10. Beds under Slanting Roofs?

modern Bedroom by R+L Architect
R+L Architect

Bedroom with exposed roof timbers and vaulted ceilings

R+L Architect

Slanting roofs gives a sort of uneasy feeling of being compressed and if you also carry the same feeling while going to bed, it will keep you from sleeping. If you have bed in a room that has sloped ceiling than the easy solution to deal with this is to use canopy beds that covers the ceiling with curtain and makes you feel relaxed and supported.

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