15 Fantastic Main Doors

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Impressive front door creates as much impact as a grand façade and can be used as a great opportunity to showcase personality and wealth. The front door and decorations around them can tell a lot about the house and and its inhabitants. A few years ago only palaces had impressive doors but now families that can afford it have custom made front door fashioned out of wood, glass and other decorative hardware.

While most homes today have standard wooden doors that are fitted as a part of builders’ construction package, owners can use 15 great ideas presented here that can be a great source of inspiration to renew the entry of your home.

1. Creative blacksmith

Metal doors are also worthy of appreciation as they are fairly good looking and durable when compared to other materials. The front gate and garage gates visible here have been desiged with grille and steel plates for a patterned design that acts as both excellent insulator and thermal barriers. The vinyl coating given to the gates here simulates the look of wood grains and enhance the curb appeal of the house by allowing the lights to shine through.

2. Art in wood and glass

As traditional front doors created out of wood are fairly common, designers here have given a stylish touch to it by combining the entrance with glass. The top section has been entirely fashioned out of glass to let the recessed lights from inside shine through the entrance and  give it a special glow. Wooden door with dark grains sweeping across its surface has unmatched natural beauty and grace. Designed by master-craftsmen, the shape and design of the wooden door may be unusual but it appears at home within the stone facade.

3. Eclectic Combination

The wooden door with glass see through pane framed in aluminum is a trendy fit in this facade of multiple materials. Stone, wood and metal create an impressive front while doors framed in metals meet homeowners demand for durable and distinct architectural accents.

4. Tall order

Natural materials may require special care but they also make an impressive impact as visible here in the natural stone stone wall and wooden door that seems to extend till the roof. Pristine white, covered veranda makes the lights glow brighter against the emerald green lawn. The timber panel layout of the door has been extended to almost the roof creating an unusual barrier between concrete an stone.

5. With the strength of steel

Steel is the strongest of all materials that can be used to create a front door and is ideal for neighbourhoods
where boundary walls are no deterrant for burglars. Steel door provides the best security and if maintained well it can withstand impact of nature's fury like storms and tornadoes that can fling heavy stuff at 120 miles per hour.

6. Ideal doors for modern facades

Neutral tones on the walls and floor give the dark wooden door with black and dark brown grainy patterns a suitable background to show off its grandeur. In the image, we can observe how the neutral tones allow the door to become the protagonist of the space. Wide walkway created with flat stone slabs Lead the way around a pretty front garden to the front door while highlighting natural beauty of the design. Contrasting natural materials convey warmth and comfort.

7. A door with great presence

The charm and beauty of a wooden door cannot be denied irrespective of the variety of materials available in the market today. Even a door with minimalist embellishments like the double doors combination here create an impressive entrance. with natural stone surroundings.

8. Frosted Glass

You would be surprised at the exceptional force this door can withstand in spite of its fragile appearance.
Fashioned in multiple layers with impressive frame created out of colorful marble,the inner frosted glass door shields the house from the street. If you want an eclectic door that also provides security, frosted glass is the best choice.

9. Brightness personified

As metal doors go this one is the most original and impressive of them all which has both presence and personality. Evening twilight gives a bluish twinge to the limestone path and walls enhancing the charm of white metal door glowing against lights framing the outline.

10. Industrial perfection

Here is another grand alliance between wood and concrete wherein both door and outline are fashioned out of wood within concrete surroundings. Door designers have given an industrial style twist to the design by giving giving the door rough textured surface and metal touches that provide mobility.

11. Impressive glass doors

Glass doors are ideal when the house has a safety barrier and the door serves as a way to bring in natural light while maintaining visual contact with the outside world. Glass doors helps provide illusion of larger spaces due to transparency even with the frosted inner core. Combination of glass and wood here may create a vibrant contrast against the presence of the red wall but the effect is not overwhelming but instead highlights beauty of the door.

12. Red Door

This small red door with long gold toned handle gives character and drama to the ordinary country style home. The house entrance gives a fresh and warm feeling to the onlookers making them feel welcome even while waiting for someone to open the door under the wooden beamed ceiling.

13. Details that make the difference

The styling and smart combination of variety of metals improve the style quotient of a front door. While pots of colorful flowers give refinement, paved pathways with stone, glass or metal leading up to the door improve its character.  Combination of wood, metal and frosted glass here have created a stylish door while the elegant combination of red chrysanthemums makes it welcoming.

14. An elongated and imposing door

Every front door is an important element of a home and should be blended with the architecture to make it stand out. A unique facade as this requires an impressive entrance and this has been achieved by the interior architect with this elongated rectangular door framed in stone and fashioned out of wood and glass.

15. Grey and solemn

E2 FACADE arQing Minimalist houses



This elegant teak wood door with frosted glass insert built into the stone wall has been constructed in such a manner that the door appears to be embedded in stone. The frosted glass detail in the door brings softness into the overall architecture.

Need ideas on front door designs? Let our Vastu Shastra inspired doors help you in the search for the perfect door.

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