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A home full of reflections

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Why to bother about the interior when the exterior itself is highly inspiring and superbly stylish? This article is all about the exteriors of a beautifully curated house that is a broad mix of innovation, elegance and grandiosity.  Dinastia designers, architects from Russia have done a fabulous job by applying a quirky approach to the design that makes it stand apart from all its contemporaries. Let’s take a look!

Pointed architecture

What instantly holds our attention is the typical pointed trapezoidal shape that imparts a unique yet stylish look to the house. This edgy structure has a triangular ceiling that might deceive you, for an airplane if viewed from the top. The ceiling is made of fine grade wood that gets its support from the wooden pergolas resting on the walls. A beautiful fusion is created by the modern tinted glass windows and the archaic rustic stone wall. Not only this, it even brings out smart wooden patterns to accentuate the overall look.

Standing tall

This grand structure is a vertical marvel. Standing tall amongst the sleek pine trees, this house adapts beautifully in the green and brown surroundings.  From a distance you can easily witness the long and slender beams of inspiration that hold the weight of the entire structure on their powerful shoulders. The long glass windows sprawling over different storeys trigger your curiosity to know what lies inside.

In home resort

Let’s talk about the surroundings now. This sophisticated house is built in serene surroundings that is heavily laden with pine trees and other wooden architectures. The place is fenced in a conventional manner using darkly tinted wooden beams and is further embellished by attractive and impressive topiary. A fleet of sleek stairs runs through the entire stretch to provide a convenient walkway. This place has the perfect look and feel of a forest wooden cabin.

Pristine pool

Nature would have been incomplete without water; therefore, a cozy family sized swimming pool is provided in the exterior for a quick dip. A classic rectangular pool that makes you rejuvenate in the cool waters makes for a lovely architectural element.  It is being provided with sharp LED lamps all along the edge for a comfortable swim during the night as well.

Glass exteriors

The entire house is so skillfully and cleverly designed that you always get an unobstructed view of the mind-blowing exteriors. So be it the starlit sky during the night or a colourful rainbow during the day, everything can be perfectly seen from the inside. How awesome is that!

The magic of flowers

Colours add zing to your life! The balconies and walkways are richly enveloped in bright and colourful flowers that serve as a beautiful reminder that a lot can be done with flowers as well. The decadent planters rest beautifully on the balcony rails to imbibe a welcoming and comforting feeling that makes your guests feel ‘at home’ instantly.

This home is not just a house, but a dream come true. With its impeccable design and selective patterns, it is surely worth a visit. Looking for more such designs? Here's an architecture you shouldn't miss out : A splendid home among the woods

Did you like this forestry idea of enhancing the exteriors? Let us know in the comments below. 
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