Top 5: Fabulous Interiors, Furnished Homes, Home walls, and Kitchen Essentials

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Hello and Good Morning! to this Festive weekend. We know that you all are consumed and so much engrossed in the Durga Pooja and Navratris that this week you are not going to do any special cleaning of your home. After all, this is what you have already been doing for last two weeks. Now, it's time to gaze at interior decor ideas, and Pooja rooms and think of the best possible organization for your home on the eve of Diwali. Definitely, we will be continuously posting themes and decoration tips related to Diwali and other festivals in upcoming series but for now, its time to look towards top 5 interior decoration trends of this week. 

The top posts of this week include an insight to interiors of a fabulous home, hallway decoration ideas, well-furnished home ideas, ideas you should copy for your house, and the much hyped practical essentials for kitchen. Instead of wasting more time, let us move forward and take a quick look on these guides. Follow us!

1. Pictures of a Fabulously Furnished Home

Furnished homes are a delight to look at and no matter what, we all want to create an environment that is comfortable, crazy and cozy into one. It might sound easier but creating such an atmosphere requires a lot of planning, professional assistance and hard work to bring the thoughts into a physical model. If you wish to choose the easier path and get some ideas and pictures of well-furnished homes from India that are worth living and looking. 

Enjoy the tour from this link.

2. Fabulous Interior Pictures of an Apartment from Bangalore

View from entrance Studio Stimulus Modern living room
Studio Stimulus

View from entrance

Studio Stimulus

We all love to see and know how a beautiful home looks like from inside. And this is exactly what this guide will show. Presenting you one of the houses designed by professionals at homify, this house is well capable of accommodating the demands of 2 different generations at a single floor itself. One section of house is made for a middle aged couple and the other one is dedicated to kids. 

Get more insight and pictures of this guide from here.

3. Decorating your Home Walls

Painting, wall textures and decals are some of the common elements that are used to decorate walls but is it all we can do for the walls? Walls are one of those canvases where you can paint the entire beauty of your home and thus, there is always a scope for something new and better than these traditional elements. Here is a guide showcasing 13 different wall niche designs that will teach you how to liven up the walls and different sections of your home through simple decors.

To go through the guide, click here.

4. Ideas to Copy From

We all wish to have homes that are elegant, beautiful and incorporate the traditional features with modernity. But not all of us can afford to hire professional interior decorators and designers and that's why we start to look for some inspirations and ideas from others. Instead of copying from your neighbor's apartment that is too common or your relative's hallway design that is already copied from someone else, it is better to switch to safer and better mode- Professional Designs.

This guide lets you go through houses and different architectural ideas that are hard to find in usual homes but are worth copying and living in.

5. Practical Essentials of Indian Kitchen

Kitchens tend to be a challenging space to organize and set up as every single individual within family has his or her own preferences and everyone wants to cook in a comfortable setting. The best way to do is to keep everything handy and on place, so that you are able to find the item you want on time. Kitchen designers understand such challenges and demands and therefore, we have compiled this list of practical essentials of every kitchen in India. 

Know these requisites from this guide and thank us later!

Hope you enjoyed reading. Don't forget to leave us your feedbacks. Stay tuned to homify to know the best of the Home Decorations.

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