15 planters that will be precious in not very large courtyards

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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When your garden is not very big and you still want to make an outstanding design out of it, we recommend using planters.   

Have it on the side of a wall or at corner of your house, the choice is completely yours. Some of these planters are made of wood, stone, and can even be constructed along with the walls. Take these examples and design a small patio in your own way:

A definition of stone

Just the lifted blocks of stone can add elegance to the house. The impression of broken stones and white stone bed holds some amazing plants in it. Small and big shurbs standing in there makes the place a complete natural charm soaked in different colors.

With a formal planter

It’s a simple grass bed in captivity of dimensions. The small delights planted along with the little white wall are a real treat to eyes. Glossy combination of white, green, and purple makes the place thoroughly interesting. For a pleasant evening, this small garden is bliss.

Some planters demarcating the floor

Between the ceramic and grass setting lies some small and big plants with a linear deck. The area is surrounded by iron fences, making it a private space to spend some time.

Around the Pool

The ceramic floors around the pool give a touch of nature by holding different planters in it.

Planter as backup outdoor furniture

The designer of this little garden has tried to create a sitting space covered in wood and vibrant cushions. Still, the landscape has maintained its natural essence with small plants just behind the cushions.

On a Terrace

Planters on the side of the terrace are defining natural details in this house. Do it cleverly with long and potted plants next to each other.

High Wooden Planters

A wooden fence on this terrace defines a natural elegance and it's definitely breathtaking.

Planter and bench at a time

Want to show something different in a tiny little yard? Then just go for this bench planter. It’s just a small space and the bench and planter go side by side.

Planter squares

A patio and wooden deck filled with a spectacular design of square boxes is a real charm. To redo the space left, small pots have been utilized. While the boxes hold same species of plant in the same size, the pots are holding varying plants with an unrivaled vibe.

Do it by ladders

If there is space next to the concrete staircase, use it as a garden area and go for bushy plants. This project looks no less than a full garden with a variety of shrubs to bring in nature’s delight.

A complaint design planters

The terrace deck is defined by planters just behind the seats planted with tiny plants.

A terrace with planter as guardrail

 With an irregular dimension on all the corners of the terrace, this planter is giving a nice and colorful ambiance altogether. The standard height matches the fence and the planter work with the dual-use gardener.

In the front of the house

Space is not too big, but the design makes it appear bigger and something more interesting.

A terrace with a planter in front of the landscape

This garden is a visual reinforcement of wooden trees, creating a relaxed and comfortable ambiance.

A petite Choice

It’s a low rise planter showcasing even the plants in small size. There can’t be a better choice of the outdoor corridor that appears this beautiful.

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Which of these planter ideas inspired you the most?

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