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Durga Puja Decoration Ideas For Your Home

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Its festival season in India and its that time of the year when festivities are celebrated with pomp and galore. Durga Pooja is one of the major festivals being celebrated all over the country. It’s a celebration of the victory of the Goddess Durga over the evil demon Mahishasura. Goddess Durga is worshipped and the festival is celebrated with great glory in Bengal and other parts of India. But have you thought how you will be welcoming Durga, an epitome of divine power, this year? Organizing and cleaning the home would not be enough. Right?  Here is a quick to follow guide that will make this festival more special for you.

1. Fancy Entrance Gateway

They say that First Impression is the last one! and therefore, there is no reason to let your entrance go plain. Decorate it with bright lights, floral garlands, Rangolis and Diyas to make it look welcoming and ready for the festival.

2. Style your center table

All the festivals are incomplete without lights and rangolis. But there is always some scope of experimenting and trying something different. Create a pretty environment around your center table and enhance it with lights, flowers and other gorgeous items. 

3. Balcony decoration with Flowers

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Not only flowers will make your balcony and exteriors look brighter but also serve as a lovely decor item. Pick  up a combination of two flowers like white and yellow that is sure to give you a festive look. You can also take some ideas from professional designs.

4. Rangoli, Flower and Diyas

Do not let the corners of your home appear empty. Give your home a pretty makeover by adoring it with small rangoli designs and then using flower petals and diyas to make it look beautiful.

5. Experiment with Lights

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Lights are an internal element for festivals in India but why stick to those boring patterns and styles. Try hanging lights in shape of inverted diyas and see the magical aura they create.

6. Plants plus Lights

Having greenery in home is always enlightening and you can further elaborate it by adding lights to it. Use lamps over the plants, or use small bulbs in between leaves, string lights packed in jars and get some more creative ideas. 

We are ready for the grand celebration. Are you?
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