5 small and fashionable kitchens!

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In Japan's housing situation, less is more! They try to set up everything within a limited space and summarize the functions into a compact area. This is the right time to apply this approach universally, especially in the modern housing system. But everyone wants to look stylish and have comfortable interiors. In this guide, we tend to present you designer kitchens that liberate a feeling of outstandingly beautiful, compact and stylish . Refer to them and leave comments and feedbacks in below section.

1. Dining Connection

Buddies gather, where to spend fun here, which was designed on the concept of housing. Kitchen counter leads to a dining table and a hallway  that looks like a very large space. Above the eye line is an open shelf that does not set up a large cabinet in a high position, but creates a finish without a feeling of pressure in a compact space.

There is a little partition in between the cooking area and the dining one and the person sitting for lunch or dinner will not be having a direct contact with the person standing in the kitchen and while it appears strange to us, but as per the rules, dining in relaxed and separate dining space is healthier.

2.Space with a sense of unity

I's HOUSE, dwarf dwarf Classic style kitchen

In this kitchen, the sink and stove are grouped in a compact island. At the bottom, there is a storage for fish grill in large capacity, it is no exaggeration to say this kitchen covers all the functions in a single. Wooden chunky top plate and the ceiling and flooring through bold beams, the black cabinet is in harmony with the doors and windows, it has become a finish that whole area gives a sense of unity. Rather than thinking of the interior in the kitchen alone, the planner has created a style that is unified in the entire space, does not feel narrower but more of stylish interiors.

3. Placed in the middle of space

Here is a simple floor plan that LDK + bedroom of husband and wife house. Generally, the kitchen is placed in a corner in usual housing plans. But this house is daring to place the kitchen in the middle of the space! Compact face-to-face kitchen function is clogged, blocking the line of sight by setting the dining on the side of the wooden wall that is raised slightly higher, thus creating a neat appearance. 

In addition, we are inducing a further line of sight by using the vivid colors on the walls of the dining chairs and the bedroom to the other side than that of kitchen. Somehow, there is coolness in this compact and stylish kitchen.

4. Decide the Color Theme

That is to show a compact kitchen in squeezed style should look like. The number of colors and materials should be aligned parallel to the height. This kitchen is made up of a blue-gray little natural wood of the claim to the keynote and individuality lies in the antique metal items. This clearly denotes that one who choses single color as the theme of the kitchen is the one who does not wishes to appear fashionable.

5. Minimalist Style

Interior designer Ekaterina Donde Design has worked on a truly compact and stylish kitchen! Add a cute sheen to the wide space by implementing a minimalist style with white walls and decoration, incorporated in the floor tiles while maintaining the overall impression, which is refreshing. Including large household appliances such as a refrigerator in a narrow space, everything is perfectly calculated design to fit required in this kitchen.

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