18 staircases with a stone and water garden, spectacular!

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Designing stairs so that the space underneath isn’t wasted is a challenge that most designers and home owners face. Of course, storage is a solution, but it tends to crowd the area, especially in a small home. With the availability of modern materials that present versatility, there’s a trend towards using the space under the stair to add beauty to the home, through artistic or calming stone and water gardens.

We’ve highlighted 18 designs in this ideabook to give you inspiration to do something different with the space under your stairs.

​1. Blending with the natural theme

In a home dominated by earthy tones of natural wood, stone grey and white, a staircase with wooden steps and a glass safety railing complements the theme. The placement of a pebble carpet underneath the stairs adds a lovely touch.

2. Wrapping around the indoor garden

The raised planter bed under the stairway is decorated with white pebbles and has a single tree at the centre, creating a minimalist indoor garden. The concrete stairs are fitted with spotlights underneath, which shine upon the garden and enhance its stark beauty.

3. Bringing in nature and light

This design has a stone and glass combination that runs through it. The bed of pebbles is the highlight of the design. The texture of stone is carried through to the polished natural stone tiles on the floor as well as the steps. The glass banister presents a view of the stone bed, while glass doors at the back invite sunlight into the area, adding another element of nature.

4. Japanese garden

The use of wooden steps and a glass safety panel is a clever idea for retaining the airiness of the space, especially with the white wall in the background. In this home, the space under the stairs is reminiscent of a Japanese garden with a water feature with a pebble bed and circular marble stepping stones.

5. Indoor tree house

Some species of trees are excellent as indoor decoration, as they survive in any climate and are not affected by the heating or air conditioning.  As the tree grows and spreads its branches, it creates a spectacular feature in the home, and the wooden staircase that winds around it looks almost like the steps leading up to a tree house.

6. Rustic style

For a home with a rustic theme, a gravel bed with two rows of indoor plants set underneath a wooden ladder-like staircase is a perfect match.

7. Soothingly sophisticated

Dark wood contrasted by white walls is a common trend that adds sophistication to a modern home. Combined with a glass banister that presents a view of the pebble and water bed at the centre of the stairwell, there’s a relaxing feel in the home.

8. Natural mirror

In this home, the reflecting water garden at the centre of the stairs is visible through the glass railing as well as the gaps between the wooden steps. A tree and some plants floating on a raised bed in the water bring a lovely element of nature into the area, while the water reflects light as well as the stairs overhead to paint a stunning image.

9. Art installation

These minimalist floating stairs run along the wall – perfect for the modern home in which they stand. Add to this the narrow pebble garden bed with a tree curving towards the natural light source, and the stairway resembles an art installation.

10. A touch of tradition

In a modern home, using a wrought iron railing with floral inspired designs can bring in a touch of tradition, in addition to retaining the airiness of the space. The placement of a pebble garden, including a water fountain, below the stairs introduces a soothing touch.

11. Natural ladder

A floating wooden staircase is a great design for any home as it adds an interesting element to the décor. The design allows the room to retain natural light as well as a sense of spaciousness.

12. In tune with nature

Modern homes feature glass and steel, as is the case with the staircase in this home. However, combining stone wall-cladding and greenery into the design introduces a harmonious element that brings in a link with nature.

13. Volcanic garden

In this home, the small bed under the staircase holds black volcanic rock, which presents a striking contrast to the light flooring. The staircase itself has warm cherry toned wood with stone cladding on the wall. While each of these elements is heavy and solid, the use of a glass banister adds a light feel the entire area.

14. Spectacular cascade

Sometimes, the staircase can become the central feature of the entire home, with everything else being designed around it. That’s just the case in this home that has a staircase with water cascading from the wall into a stone fountain and finally, into a pebble bottomed water body at the ground level. The soothing sound of the water permeates throughout the home.

15. Stunning Twist

There’s always an element of mystery in a spiral staircase. In this home, the placement of an indoor rock garden underneath adds beauty and intrigue.

16. Green wall

This spiral staircase is lush with a floor-to-ceiling green wall set as the backdrop and a patch of grass as the carpet underneath.

17. Beauty of lighting

When the stairwell is sandwiched between two walls, the use of natural and artificial lighting can transform the area from drab to elegant. The wooden shutters on the glass wall behind the stairs filter the sunlight, bringing in a warm glow to the area during the day. At night, the same effect is achieved through strategically placed spotlights in the pebble garden bed below the stairs.

18. Cosy corner

The use of floating steps, a glass banister and white pebble bed underneath the stairs create a cosy seating area that’s perfect for reading or a cup of tea.

For under-stair storage designs, visit this ideabook.

Which of these designs would you use for your home? Respond in the comments.

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