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10 Cozy Bedrooms to Daydream

Ruqaiyya Hussain Ruqaiyya Hussain
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Sleep. Sleep loose leg. Sleep during the day. Sleep at night. Sleep and waking to a dream that the world will be a little better. Sleep until the eyes open on their own, without the urgent alarm that calls the routine.

If we had to do a ranking of the pleasant things in life, the primary rank would definitely be given to Sleep. Laying over the bed and forgetting everything. Going to sleep, deep and restful, where one is disabled to release pressures, concerns, problems, and if you're lucky you will reach the magical dream worlds. In all this, much has to do with the bedroom. That intimate place in the house where we have our micro world for our personal or family retreat. In the bedroom, the bed is the star, and we spend a quarter of our day on it. 

If space permits, some bedrooms also have a desk, table or chair support, more sophisticated will add a minibar, and hotels, and the luckiest will have a comfortable dressing room and en suite. In this book we introduce welcoming and warm bedrooms idea. Those who invite you to turn off the clock for a little longer and enjoy the rainy evenings with the best protection in the company of a book or a good movie. Here we go!

1. Back to Childhood

HOTEL CAL REIET – THE MAIN HOUSE Bloomint design Mediterranean style bedroom
Bloomint design


Bloomint design

In the privacy of the bedroom, we allow ourselves to play again and enjoy being kids like earlier times. A swing is synonymous with childhood, joy, play. This bedroom hosts warm, soft tones and rustic details where this simple and well-appointed hammock gives a playful touch and very original.

2. Carved within Stone

As if we were inside the earth or a mountain or a giant stone, this bedroom is fully clad in a rugged yet warm stone, covers that protects from outside world. It gives the feeling of refuge, that there, nothing bad can happen. Materials such as jute or wicker accompany the warmth.

3. Earthy Colors

A rustic bedroom that is simple, natural and hosts all the comfort. The earth and neutral tones are perfect to bring warmth and shelter. The large stucco jacuzzi transmits warmth and calmness all over. A great architectural design of  Argentine professionals.

4. Immaculate Warmth

HOTEL CAL REIET – THE MAIN HOUSE Bloomint design Mediterranean style bedroom Beige
Bloomint design


Bloomint design

Soft and Neutral tones are always a hit. This one is a pure and immaculate bedroom where perfectionism and order are the kings.Natural light amplified by the surrounding whiteness embraces the whole atmosphere.

5. Design and Creativity

An original, curious and fun bedroom. Refuge playful and creative spirits with good energy and imagination.

6. Romantic and Dreamy

A lot of Natural lights. Whiteness. Textures. Something crazy. A Rococo mirror frame that reflects good wave. A small chandelier that is dreamy. A room that is beyond awesome!

7. Low Ceiling gives window to the Sky

The low ceilings, like in this picture, with a vertical drop and also a window to heaven, are not only welcoming and give shelter but connect us with starry beings outside and inside.

8. Summer Paradise

This  bedroom allows us to feel Holidays all the time. The atmosphere look light, light without luggage. Imitate decorating a hotel room like that of the Caribbean or some little island in the Pacific. A canopy bed, white and gauzy curtains and a balcony outside with connection to paradise.

9. Shelter Fire

A large bed, large windows, fluffy and soft carpet, dim lights, cushions, books, something to eat, a roaring fire and good company. Do you need anything else? Absolutely not.

10. Invitations from Round Bed

Who would not have fantasized of sleeping on a round bed? In this bedroom where the roof slope brings its share of refuge and shelter, the originality of the bed carries the scene. The large tub completes the space of rest and relaxation. Earthy colors, rustic walls, and ceiling with exposed brick contrasts with modern details door and bathtub.

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