Modern and monumental farmhouse with industrial elements

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Living in the serene tranquility of countryside is nothing less than a blessing. View of open fields and green forests are enticing. A charming farmhouse with plenty of open space and modern comfort paired with cool touch. This is exactly what we are going to show you today wih this modern monumental farmhouse with industrial elements. The project by architect Arend Groenewegen is not ready yet, but you can see that it is going to be a beautiful end result.

Glass Front

This farm has everything you would expect from a historic farmhouse. Built from lovely old red brick, a huge thatched roof on it and surrounding greenery, the special huge glass at the front and the black metal frames lend it a tough industrial look. The same applies to the windows on the side. All beccomes a feast for the eyes as a result.

Work in Progress

Outside is quite dusky but inside, it is clear that the interiors under construction are quite beautiful. Through this image, you can see that it will be finished soon. All the beautiful features have been preserved from the old farm, such as the wooden beams. And there are a few modern additions done to enhance the beauty factor.


From the first floor, we get a nice look at the modern kitchen and dining area. The designer chose to install a white sleek and modern kitchen, with a wooden counter. The counter fits and suits well with the natural character of the farm. The same applies to the wooden table, which beautifully contrasts with the concrete floor. The old style window provides a complete view to the outside from the kitchen.

Linear Patterns

On the first floor is a beautiful wooden floor that seems to run through the stairs. Above, we also get a glimpse of the rooms on the first floor, which just like the below floor is characterized by the wooden beams. There is a very fine line game with all wooden beams and the banister throughout the home.

Metal Trap

One of the showpieces in this house is to be the staircase from the ground floor to the first. The stage is drawn by the industrial line of the glass front and the other windows. Black steel provides a sturdy and robust appearance but held by the wooden stairs in balance somehow. This modern staircase fits perfectly with the monumental house, like the sleek kitchen and other modern elements.

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Are you waiting for the completion of this project?

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