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43 pallet ideas that you can directly copy

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Throughout the world—and particularly Hong Kong—there is a growing awareness of the environment and the need to protect it for future generations. Because of this, recycling is at the forefront of ecological consciousness, and how we can improve our ecosystem easily and sustainably. Not simply a quick-fix solution to a global problem, recycling reduces costs in the long term, and helps generate a sustainable attitude towards the earth and our importance as its caretakers.

Recycling is commonly employed as an application in the furniture industry, and we see industrial pallets taking centre stage as inexpensive and easily repurposed items. Unpretentious, understated and low-cost, pallets are a sustainable and eco-friendly material that offers a range of creative upcycled options. In today’s Ideabook we’ve gathered a whopping 43 gorgeous pieces of furniture that have been created by recycling pallets and crates. If you’re ready to be inspired, read on and begin planning your next DIY!

1. Pamper your balcony, your outdoor terrace and yourself with a set of these truly incredible repurposed pallets!

2. Fancy a new coffee table? This one is sure to make an impression

3. This cosy collection is definitely an improvement for your home

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4. You can use your pallet table anywhere if it has wheels

5. Improve the comfort of you seat with some upholstery

6. Whitewash your pallets to evoke a provincial aesthetic

7. Environmentally friendly and sustainable, these pieces are brilliant for an outdoor terrace

8. These overstuffed couches look truly fabulous, and gorgeously cosy

9. Do you want your home to look like a tropical oasis? Then take a peek at these incredibly authentic pallet pieces of furniture

10. Don’t like the colour of the raw timber? Why not paint it white… like this fab, eye-catching example.

11. Get creative with your weekend DIY

12. The warmth of wood is clearly visible in this example

13. Multi-purpose and multi-colour!

14. Paint different sections to create a unique ambience

15. Cut glass to fit your pallet coffee table

16. Different lights can create different vibes. This demonstration looks more like a night club than a boring bedroom!

17. What do you think of these pallet deck chairs?

18. Ready to host the ultimate alfresco dinner party?

19. An inexpensive solution to modern timber furniture

20. Crazy and colourful throw cushions add verve and vivacity

21. For something different, consider a pallet bedhead

22. In fact, you can even make a bed by repurposing pallets

23. For maximum comfort, suspend the bed from the ceiling

24. Or paint it green and call it a daybed!

25. These repurposed crates make perfect side tables

26. Low-cost, stylish and unique, this side table is interesting

27. An ideal weekend DIY project!

28. What do you think of this whitewashed, inexpensive dining table?

29. These wine crates have been wonderfully upgraded to offer a practical application in the home

30. Pallets offer storage as well as style

31. Set upon casters, this coffee table is original and easy to recreate

32. Rustic charm, and plenty of character

33. Multi-purpose furniture works wonderfully in compact homes

34. A wall of crates is both chic and cool

35. Need extra wall storage? This is your solution

36. We love this contrasting yin and yang shelf

37. Bathroom storage can be hard to come by, these repurposed shelves work beautifully

38. Another bright idea for the garden is this repurposed pallet bench

39. Are you looking for somewhere to keep your pot plants? This might just be your answer!

40. And if you want something in white…

41. Green walls are great! This pallet wall is stylish and efficient, while offering space for your foliage

42. For something smaller, this wall-mounted option is practical

43. And, if you really want to make a statement, this incredible wall takes centre stage!

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