8 Ways You can use Glass in a Staircase

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Most homes with more than one level have stairs as a practical feature, but did you know that they can also add a stunning design element. Glass stairs are especially sophisticated as they don’t cut out the brightness while adding an elegant sheen to the area.

In this ideabook, we’ve picked 8 different design ways for using glass in a staircase.

​View of the lights

When each step of a staircase is beautifully lighted up by a recessed fitting under each rim, it adds a unique look to the home. It would be a shame to cover up this beautiful effect with a brick balustrade or a wooden or steel railing. The use of glass panes, framed with dark wood, presents views of the beautifully bright stairs through the glass.

For more ideas on using glass in your home, visit this ideabook.

​Transparent railing




In a small home where the staircase is crammed into a corner, using a conventional safety barrier takes up precious space in addition to cutting out the natural light and bringing a gloomy look to the area. Replacing the railing with a glass panel keeps the area looking bright and airy.

​Walking on air

An ultra-modern staircase design, such as this one, uses floating glass steps that add an eye-catching element to the room. In addition to keeping the space naturally lit, the glass planks have an almost sculptural look – like a modern art installation.

​Helical twist

A spiral staircase is a space-saving design in a layout that doesn’t provide for a large stairwell. Incorporating a helical design with opaque glass steps winding all the up a central pole, with a cured glass balustrade adding to the stylish look, is a practical as well as beautiful solution.

​Safety panels

In a staircase with a landing, a railing that replicates a tall glass wall that acts as a safety barrier creates a stunning effect with the elegant hanging lampshades in the stairwell being highlighted through the glass. The smart sandwich-design of the brown and white steps adds to the look.

​Framing a view

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Frameless Glass U

IAM Design

For an outdoor staircase set in a building with a gorgeous view, having a glass balustrade is a clever idea for providing safety without compromising on the view in the surroundings. The glass panels frame the scenery, adding a stylish element to the façade.

​Clamped with steel

The combination of steel and glass is a trend seen in contemporary homes. In this home, the materials are used in an artistic manner with the steel clamps holding up the glass panels that serve as the balustrade. The transparent design also puts the spotlight on the floral wallpaper on the wall at the landing.

​Layers of glass

In a home with a double height ceiling, the use of a glass balustrade as a replacement to the conventional bricked-up safety barrier for the staircase makes the area seem more spacious. The layered look enhances the height of the ceiling, making the whole room look much larger than it is.

Which of these designs is your favourite? Comment to let us know.

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